The Royal-Purple Scooter


The Royal-Purple Scooter

The Rickshaw-Red Lipstick

The Yellow Chip

The Burnt-Copper Powder

The Blood-Red Diamond

The Dead-White Flame

The Canary-Yellow Sack

The Clue of the Ivory Thread

The Fabulous Emerald Necklace (aka 1955-02-27 #021 Burnt Copper Powder)

The Pink Elephant

The Blue Rocket Express

The Dead-White Lifeboat

The Blood-Red City (Final Les Damon Ep)

The Green-Eyed Divorcee (1st Mandell Cramer Ep)

The Canary-Blonde Heiress

The Clicking Silver Pen

The Gentlemen in the Nile-Green Suit

The Murder of a Fabulous Redhead