Abbott and Costello

Abbott and Costello where one of the most popular duo comedy teams in history through radio and television. William (Bud) as Abbott and Lou Costello (born Louis Francis Cristillo).

Lion Hunting

WC Fields

Lou Subs For Joe DiMaggio

Bank Robbery

Knights in Shining Armor

Hunting Guide with Claire Trevor

At the Circus

Nylon Stockings

Thanksgiving Day

Trip to Palm Springs

English Butler

The Wild West

The Lawyer

Lou's Engaged to Jud

Visit to a Sanitarium

With The Great Gildersleee

With Charles Laughton

Making a Movie

With Hedda Hopper

Snow White With Blondie

Costello Buys Gifts For Cast - Who's On First?

Costello Buys Gifts

Matrimonial Agency

At The_Races

Grade School

Visit To Tin Pan Alley

Christmas Shopping

Merchant Marines

Stolen Oranges

Guest Rudy Vallee

New Press Agent

Spanish Acting School

Costello Gets A Tattoo

Walgreen 44th Anniversary

Return To Patterson

Job For Girlfriend

Lou Hides From His G

Opening A Gas Statio

Lou The Fireman

Christmas Party

Costello's Beauty Sh

The Sheriff Of North


Lou Goes To Racetrac

Nuts And Bolts

The Baseball Player

Lou Builds A House

Lou Joins the New York Yankees

Costello Pays Income Tax

The Babysitting Job

Playing The Piano With Janet Blair

Sam Shovel - Case Of A Boy Named Tony

SamShovel - Sorry Wrong Rhumba

Sam Shovel - Case Of The Russian Diplomat

Sam Shovel - Case Of The Curbs

Sam Shovel - Case of Two Gun Gertie

Sam Shovel - It Was Time For A Change

Sam Shovel - I'm All Yours In

Sam Shovel - The Murder At The

Sam Shovel - General Custer's

Sam Shovel - Moonshiner Zeke

Tonys Home Permanent

Sam Shovel - Reach for the Sky