Adventures of the Abbotts

A husband and wife crime-fighting team based on the detective fiction books by Francis Crane. Starring Claudia Morgan and Les Damon as the husband and wife detective team, Jean and Pat Abbott. The show aired from 1945-1947.

The Royal-Purple Scooter

The Rickshaw-Red Lipstick

The Yellow Chip

The Burnt-Copper Powder

The Blood-Red Diamond

The Dead-White Flame

The Canary-Yellow Sack

The Clue of the Ivory Thread

The Fabulous Emerald Necklace (aka 1955-02-27 #021 Burnt Copper Powder)

The Pink Elephant

The Blue Rocket Express

The Dead-White Lifeboat

The Blood-Red City (Final Les Damon Ep)

The Green-Eyed Divorcee (1st Mandell Cramer Ep)

The Canary-Blonde Heiress

The Clicking Silver Pen

The Gentlemen in the Nile-Green Suit

The Murder of a Fabulous Redhead