Aldrich Family

The Aldrich Family, a popular radio teenage situation comedy (1939-1953), was also presented in films, television and comic books. In the radio series' well-remembered weekly opening exchange, awkward teen Henry's mother called, "Hen-reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!", and he responded with a breaking adolescent voice, "Com-ing, Mother!" The creation of playwright Clifford Goldsmith, Henry Aldrich began on Broadway as a minor character in Goldsmith's play What a Life. Produced and directed by George Abbott, What a Life ran for 538 performances (April 13, 1938 to July 8, 1939). The Broadway cast included Eddie Bracken, Betty Field and Butterfly McQueen. The actor who brought Henry to life on stage was 20-year-old Ezra Stone, who was billed near the bottom as the 20th actor in the cast. Stone was also employed as the play's production assistant.

Henry's Blind Date

Henry's Engagement

Girl Trouble

Christmas Show

Pigeon Coops

Carrier Pigeons

Coupon Craze

Model Airplane

Mother's Day

School Picnic

Cross Country Race

Generous Gentleman

Henry Loses Gift Watch from Aunt Harriet

Halloween Prank Backfires

Pen Pal

Henry Forgets to Mail Letter

Bringing Home Head Cheese


Henry's Secret Admirer

April Fools Joke Runs Amok

Homer Invites himself to Dinner

Selling Xmas Cards

Valentines Day Party

Homer's Love Note Goes to Henry's Teacher

Legal Trouble

War Bonds (aka Lost in the Snow)

Henry Collects Props for the School Play

Everybody Sleeps Over (aka Moving Day)

Generous Gentleman (aka Movie Star)

Homer's Piano Recital

Warmest Day in March

Close That Door

Sam & Henry Both Await Calls

Henry to Replace Box of Chocolates (aka Henry Trades a Baseball)

Babysitting or Movies

Homer is Popular

McCall's Bicycle

Waste Paper Drive

Church & Chocolate (aka Too Much Chocolate)

Mary Has Joe Graham Over for Dinner

Birthday Pipe

School Ring

Wedding Day Date w Helen Forbes

Henry Paints the Garage (aka Painting the Garage)

Rotating Parties

Mary's Surprise

The Great Weiner Roast

Lead Role (Detention-Basketball)

Babysitting or Movies

Henry Buys a Hat

Herbert's Broken Toy

Grab Bag at Springer's Hardware

Thanksgiving Dance & Turkey Run

New Years Eve Party

Grouse for Dinner

Homer's Party

Christmas Program

French Notes Mixup

Kathleen's Dinner

Shoveling Snow

Geometry Homework

Mrs Aldrich's Antique Chairs

Planning A Trip To DC

Henry The Shortstop

Henry Takes Gladys To A Play

Date withTall Girl

Homer Accidently Engaged To Agnes

Homer Accidently Engaged To Agnes

Grouse for Dinner

Homer expects a horse from Agnes

The Great Sled Race

Contest to win Money for Motor Scooter

School Gossip Column (aka Henry Alters School Paper)

Everyone Expects a Surprise Party

The Barter System (aka Paid In Corn)

He-Man or Mouse (aka Physical Development)

The Haircut & New Pix

Big Deal (aka The Birthday Present)

The Camping Trip

Parent's Day

The Overdue Library Book

The New Suit

The Debating Team (aka 1952-02-21 The Debating Team)

The Thanksgiving Turkey

Sam Aldrich Is Sick (aka Henry's Father is Sick)

Roadside Stand (aka Roadside Refreshment Stand)

Christmas Eve with the Family

Lost Watch (aka Henry Loses Gift Watch from Aunt Harriet) (Reused Script #061)

Latin Exam (aka Latin Homework)

The Delivery Store Bicycle (Reused Script 44-11-20)

(AFRS) Cleaning the Furnace

(AFRS) Henry Goes Ice Skating aka: The Fruitcake

Henry Spills Glue at School (empty classroom at Central High - footstep)

Looking for Tuxedos for School Formal (Mr A's bedroom)

Sidewalk Graffiti Causes Trouble For Henry

The Boys Throw a Farewell Party for the Girls

Twin Trouble (Very Poor Sound)