All Star Western Theater

All Star Western Theater was a thirty minute program combining western music and stories. The shows aired on Sunday featuring Foy Willing and The Riders Of The Purple Sage plus plenty of top cowboy guest stars like Johnny Mack Brown, Cisco Kid and Pancho, Ken Curtis and many others. Sponsored by Weber's Bread.

Billy The Kid with Tex Ritter

Miss East Goes West with Jean Rogers

Rose Of San Antoine with Jimmy Wakely

First Song - Back to Old Wyoming

Dude Ranch Serenade with Dale Evans

Clem Norman's Story with Ken Curtis

First Song - Drifting with Tim Holt

The Cowboy Dentist with Smiley Burnett

I Came From Texas with Tex Ritter

At Sundown with Alan Lane

The Bandit with Jackie Cooper

Down Mexico Way with Jimmy Wakely

From East To West with William Marshall

The Voot Cowboy with Ken Curtis

Star Bar-Bar W Feud with Eddie Dean

The Phantom Rider with Dennis Moore

Streets of Laredo with Tex Ritter

Benson City Story

Trail City Murder

Wild Cow Milking Rodeo with Monty Montana

The Marshall Of Redrock with Johnny Mack Brown

Way Down Yonder In Indian Nation With Ken Card

Why Did I Leave Wyoming? with Jerry Colonna

The Trail To Mexico

New Mexico Badman with Red Barry

Alias Mary Smithers with Virginia Mayo

Cripple Creek Feud

Matt Simpson's Murder

Cooper's Unconditional Surrender with Jackie Cooper

The Bar-K Dude Ranch with Ken Card

Texas Adventure with Monte Hale

Cattle Drive to Abilene

The Lone Bandit with Jimmy Wakely

The Deacon with Dale Evans

Bid For Election with Red Barry

Little Hoof

Joey with Monty Montana

Sleepy Weed And Smiley with Smiley Burnette

Hannah Morgan's Son

The Youngest Dude

Time to Ride

Lee Hope Celebration

Loco Louie and East Dude

Fires Of Sherman Point

Sharp Shooting Gal

The Varmit and The Baby

Scotty Leaves The City

Heaven Is A Star with Dale Evans

Life and Death and Scotty

A Combination That's Hard to Beat

One Man's Poison

The Rasin' Bee

Cupid's Agent

To Settle The Account

Young Love and Manana Joe

A Combination That's Hard To Beat

One Man's Poison

Hail to the Spirit That Always Wins

Ghost In Little Deer Canyon With Eddy Arnold

The Successful Operation

Just One Shot

The Words with Signs Following

Guest - Edgar Bergen

The Big Holdup

Jerry and His Donkey

Cry Caught The Killer

The Sheriff

The Fugitive

The Gold Spurs

Hot Buttered Popcorn with Monty Montana

Bus Ride from Santa Teresa

Apple Pie and Arsenic

Buried Treasure with Eddy Arnold

Painted on the Wall of A Cave

Five Quarters

Year of the Terrible Blizzard with Nick Lucas

Buffalo Springs


Windmill on the River

Ride of the Rancheros

Ranch For Sale

Circus Pitch

The Jockey and The Cowpoke

Chief Many Horses

Living Western Style

Nice Weather Today

Cactus is Wonderful

Sunshine Johnson

The Widow of Rainbow Valley

The Stony Smith Story

Jack The Joker

The Man From Alabama with Johnny Mack Brown

Good Acting Done Cheap with Smiley Burnette