Anderson Family

The Anderson Family is a show based on the escapdes of Oliver, Mary and Junior Anderson as they get into endless trouble and sticky situations in each and every episode.

Another Woman

Borrowed Lawnmower

Cowboy Boots

Getting Rid of Uncle Oskar

Going Fishing

Junior Has $150

Junior Taken to Broadcast

Junior Wants a Horse

Juniors Club

Late for Meeting

Losing the Saw

Mary s Father to Visit

Mary s Friend Visits

Mary s Present

Mr Tuttle Wants Investors

New Car

New Roomer

Oliver Argues

Oliver Gives a Speech

Perch or Bass

Remodeling the House


To Take a Trip

Voice Lessons

Homer Wants Oliver To Help Get Rid of Brother-in-Law

Homer s Wife is Leaving Him

Oliver & the Lovelorn Club

Homer & Oliver at Odds

Oliver Wants a $50 Suit

Mary Wants Oliver to Take Her OuT