Barrie Craig Confidential Investigator

William Gargan, who also played the better known television (and radio) detective Martin Kane, was the voice of New York eye Barrie Craig while Ralph Bell portrayed his associate, Lt. Travis Rogers. Craigs office was on Madison Avenue and his adventures were fairly standard PI fare. He worked alone, solved cases efficiently, and feared no man

The Judge and the Champ

Microfilm in the Fishtank

Corpse on Delivery

The Case of the Borrowed Knife

Dead on Arrival

Murder in Wax

The Case of the Naughty Necklace

The Paper Bullets

Death and the Purple Cow

Ghost of a Chance

Song of Death

Death of a Private Eye

Murder Island

Fatal Appointment

The Deadly Fight

A Very Odd Job

Diary of Death

A Time to Kill

Motive for Murder

The Long Way Home

Murder By Threes

Dead Loss

Crimson Queen

The Girl on The Doorstep

Behold a Corpse

Beware the Walking Dog

The Lost Lady

Scream for Murder

The Thirteenth Guest

Kitchens Come with Knives

Fog Over Murder

The Lonely Corner

Strange Vision

Zero Hour

The Embezzler

The Schemers

The Corpse Who Was Wrong

The Tough Guy

Murder by Error

Death Buys a Bedroom

For Love of Murder

Deaths Bargain Basement

Mid-Summer Lunacy

Blood Money

Hay Is for Homicide

Ghosts Dont Die in Bed

Life Line

The Sneak Assassin

Dead Bull in a China Shop

Angel of Death

Nobody Lives There Anymore

The Moving Target

Sweet Larceny

Corpse on the Town

Never Murder a Mummy

Confession of Murder

Visitor at Midnight

Sucker Bait

Two Dead Men