Bob Hope Show

His first regular series for NBC Radio was the Woodbury Soap Hour in 1937, a 26-week contract. A year later, The Pepsodent Show Starring Bob Hope began, and Hope signed a ten-year contract the show's sponsor, Lever Brothers. The show became the top radio program in the country. Regulars on the series included Jerry Colonna and Barbara Jo Allen as spinster Vera Vague. Hope continued his lucrative career in radio through to the 1950s, when radio's popularity was overshadowed by television

Guest - Constance Bennett(Peps

Guest - Olivia DeHavilland

Martha Raye

Guest - Chico Marx

Guest - Dagwood & Blondie

Lum & Abner

Guest - Judy Garland

Guest - Betty Grable

Taking Peter to Toyland

Guest - Basil Rathbone

Bing Crosby and Doris Day

Guest - Dizzy Dean

Guest - Kate Smith

Guest - Hedda Hopper

Guest - Huphrey Bogart

From Cleveland

Guest - Edward Everett Horton

Guest - Jerry Colonna

Guest - Claudette Colbert

Guest - Betty Davis

Long Beach Ferry Command

Guest - Rita Hayworth

Guest - Dorothy Lamour, Paulet

Mayor of the Town

From Stockton Airfield

Guest - Orson Welles

Guest - Jane Wyman

Guest - Cary Grant

Guest - Gary Cooper

Guest - Ginger Rogers

From Santa Ana Separation Center w Bing Crosby

Guest - Carole Landis

Guest - Lum & Abner

Long Beach Coast Guard

Jacksonville Training Camp

At Stockton Airfield

D Day from the Van Nuys Airdrome

From South Pacific

Camp Bordon, Canada

Santa Ana Seperation Center

Wheeler Infantry Base

Guest - Andrew Sisters

Guest - Pat O'Brien

Guest - Edward G Robinson

Naval Air Technical Center Mem

From Mudock, California Tony R

Guest - Frank Sinatra

Victory Tour, Illinois

Shirley Temple, Tony Romano

Guest - Walter Pidgeon

Birmingham Hospital, San Ferna

Sampson Naval Training Center

Guest - Herbert Marshall, Bing

Sedalia Army Airfield. 1st 'Got Date with an Angel' AFRS (v)

Bob Dreams He's Been Court-Mar

Guest - Robert Montgomery

From Battleship South Dakota

From Santa Ana

Guest-Joe E Brown

From USC Red Skelton, Peggy Ry

From Phoenix Jimmy Durante

Guest - Herbert Marshall

Christmas Show

Guest - Frank Sinatra

Guest Tyrone Power

Guest - David Niven

Guest - Sonny Tufts

Broadcast from Cleveland (a li

Guest - Sidney Greenstreet

Brenda and Cobina

Special Interview from Seattle

Guest - Carol Richards

Guest - Bob Crosby, Carol Rich

Guest - Fred Allen, Minerva Pi

Guest - Lucille Ball, Miss Lou

Guest - Bing Crosby, Doris Day

Guest - Robert Montgomery


Al Jolson





480406 - Bob Hope Show

Guest Stars Lana Turner, Eileen Wilson


Guests - Jack Benny, Doris Day

Guest - Jack Kirkwood



Guest - Jack Benny


Bingle von Crosbine




Stalin Visits America

Guest - Dean Martin, Jerry Lew

Jack Kirkwood Tom Sawyer Sketc

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Jimmy Durante

Richmond Virgina

Guest - Lucille Ball


Rehearsal for 49-10-11 (v)

Rehearsal for 49-10-11 (v)

Rehearsal for 49-10-11 (v)

Jackie Robinson, Joe Page

From Fort Ord, California with

Crosby Beethoven Sketch

Bob Hope Show - Show #12 of 1949 - 1950 Season

Guest - Bing Crosby, Rhonda Fl

From The Vine Street Playhouse

Skit- The Arthur Hopfrey Show

Cleveland Indians

Bing Crosby Beethovan sketch

1st ?Bewitched & Bewildered?. TV Show to Air 50-04-09 (v)

1st ?Home Cookin'. Guest Arthur Godfrey (v)

Guest - Doris Day (End Lever B

Guest - Marilyn Maxwell

Guest - Claudette Colbert, Mar

Bingsy and Bobsy

From Carswell Air Force Base

Fort Ord

Judy Garland, Doris Singleton

Peggy Lee. Guest, Dorothy Lamour

Edwards Air Force Base

The Great Lover

Coronado Naval Air Station

Guest - Jerry Desmond

Long Beach Air Naval Station

Guest - Ava Gardner

Bob Builds A House (AFRS)

Jack Kirkwood

Bob Is Remodeling His House

Guest - Jerry Colonna, Virgini

Christmas Show

Bing Crosby

Las Vegas Story

The New 1952 Cars With Tyrone

Palm Springs With Bing Crosby,

San Diego Air Naval Station Wi

Marine Corps Supply Depot With

Guest - William Holden

William Holden

Three Make a Road Picture

Guest - Marilyn Maxwell

SD Naval Air Station. Guests, Dale Evans & Roy Rogers (v)

Guest - Jane Russell

Frank Sinatra

The Road To Bali With Jack Ben

Fort Ord - Terry Moore & Bing

Eisenhower's Inaguration With

The Road To Cactus Gulch With

The Flu Epidemic, Guest - Jack

Hope and Jane Wyman do a Night

Income Tax Forms, Guest - Jane

Guest - William Bendix

The Atom Bomb Test - Mickey R

Going to Europe to Make a Movie

Bakersfield with Ida Lupino

Los Alamedos Air Station With

Walter Reed Army Hospital With Martha Roundtree

Bob Goes To Richard Widmark's

Fort Belvoir with Marilyn Maxw

Guest - Henry Fonda

Guest - Arlene Dahl

Vic Mature

Jane Wyman

David Niven

Phil Harris


England - Jack Buchanen, Dougl

Bob & Anne Baxter at Sea

Back From Hawaii With William Holden

Burt Lancaster Gives Bob A Job

Guest - Zsa Zsa Gabor

Naval Testing Station. ?History of the Movies?, Glenn Ford AFRTS (v) POOR

Guest - Frank Sinatra

Long Beach Veterans Hospial Wi

Gambling In Las Vegas With Jan

Guest - Frank Sinatra

Guest - Richard Widmark

The History Of Radio With Davi

Guest - Jane Russell

Bob Starts His Own Record Comp

Paramount Studio with Donna Re

Guest - Robert Ryan

The Kentucky Derby With Grace

Guest - Merle Oberon

Guest - Jack Kirkwood

Guest - David Niven

Guest - Jack Kirkwood

Guest - Jane Wyman

Christmas Show from Long Beach

Guest - William Holden

Hollywood w Zsa Zsa Gabor [date]

20000 Leagues Under the Sea

David Niven

Guest - Clair Trevor

Guest - Maureen O'Hara

Bob Tries To Get Hired For Nex

Clair Trevor