Boston Blackie

In 1944, Blackie made his radio debut on NBC. This series was an outgrowth of the popular Boston Blackie movies. Chester Morris and Richard Lane brought to the radio the characters of Boston Blackie and Inspector Farraday. The series was originally a summer replacement for The Amos and Andy Show. It was scheduled to run from June 23, 1944 to September 15, 1944 for a total of thirteen episodes. There is some disagreement on how many episodes actually aired. The series turned out to be very popular and on April 15, 1945 it returned to the air in its own time slot on NBC. This time the star was Richard Kollmar who played Blackie for 220 episodes.

The Jonathan Diamond (aka-The Rockwell Diamond)

The Manletter Bank Case (aka-Fifty Hunter Street)

Star of the Nile

Black Market Blackie (aka-Black Market Meat Ring)

The Devon Caretaker Murder (aka-The Caretaker Of Devon Estate)

Spy Ring (aka-Alice Manleder, Dead or Alive)

The Missing String of Pearls (aka-Old Lady Forced To Steal)

The Wentworth Diamonds

Murder Of John Walters

Cover up for Mary

Uncle Bill Blaine s Legacy

Mrs Boston Blackie

Oscar Wolfe, Troublemaker

Sam Bellows Is Dead

The Larry Brown Case

Blackie Jilts Mary

The Worthington Pearls

Blackie s Car Kills a Woman

The Case of the Three-Way Split

Mary at Sea

Hypnotic Murder

Evelyn Jones Murder

Blackie Steals Necklace for Charity

Bill Crane, Attorney

Blood on Blackie s Sleeve

Kingston Unlucky At Cards

Copy of The Diamond Bracelet

Boxer s Murder Case

Richard s Diamond Case

Mary Disappears

Amnesia Victim

Murder in the Music Room

Blackie Kidnapped

Simmons Construction Murder

Atkins, Jewel Thief

Murder at the Movies

TV Poisoning

The Masters Diamond

The Murdered Sword Swallower

The Disappearing Body

The Jim Williams Inheritance Case

The Brandon Jewel Robbery

The Condon Ransom

Harry Benson Murders His Wife

A Vase Leads to Murder

Tom Evers Murder with an Alibi

Lee Chow Murdered

The Worthington Ghost

Pierre, the Designer

Murder on the Trapeze

Murder on Cedar Street

The Baseball Player Murder

The Stolen Car Ring

The Frances Fielding Murder

The Winthrop Jewel Robberies

The Merry-Go-Round Murder

The Blaine Brothers Pawn Shop Murder

The Escaped Prisoner

Old Man Graham s Wife

The Disappearing Plane

The Hooded Gang Protection Racket

Gambler Joe Garland Killed

Uncle Frank Murdered by Joe Parker

The Skating Rink Murders

The Murdered Truck Driver

The Murdering Cuckoo Clock

Murder Aboard Ship

Jerry Williams Fixed Court Case

The Diamond Smugglers

Jealous Partners and Arson

The Rockwell Diamond

The Stolen Rare Book

The Backstage Murder

The Apartment Swindler

The Abbott Painting

The Undersea Murder

Murdered Show Dog Owner

Murder at the Rodeo

Farady Shot

Granny s Witchcraft

A New Face for Joe Harvey

Only One Way out for Me

50,000 Dollar Necklace

The Lenny Powell Murder

Blackie Goes to Jail for Diamond Theft

Mary, Registered Nurse

Voice Impersonator

The Derailed Gold Train

Carl Browning Cleaning Shop

Jack Small Alias Bill Bigelow

Blackie and the Fur Thefts

The Search for Jim Gary

Jacques Pierre and the Diamonds

The Peters Mix-Up

Jailbirds Murdoch and Dawson

7 Years Bad Luck for Florence Wells

Joe Delivers the Goods

Larry the Kid vs Savinni

10th Street Gym and Stolen Car Ring

Sam Fisher s Past

Horseroom Thefts

The Bus to Valley Junction

Aggie Rogers Murder

Phonograph Murder

Millicent Bromley Kidnapped

Baseball and Gambling

Mrs Peterson s Insurance Policy

Joe Adams Drowned

Blackie Breaks into Prison

The Ghost of Florence Newton

Eva Cronin Is Stalked

Blackie Shoots a Watchman

Crooked Carver Brother

Joe Nelson s Pet Shop Gambling Scheme

Johnny Burns Imported Wool

Death Comes to the Harmonica Man

The Randolph Construction Gang Bank Robbery

Blackie s Body in Wax

Poetry in My Soul

The Butcher Boy Gang

Burning His House Behind Him

Murder of John Austin

Buckley Protection Agency

Fifty Dollar Shoeshine

Lighthouse Ghost

Case of the Exploding Car

Old 86 Is Missing

Death Wish

Dead Aunt Sarah

Joe Crain, Hired Killer

Mid-Air Diamond Theft

Framed By A Film

The Old Shoe Clue

Murder Incorporated

The Armored Car Murder Case

The Murdock Gang Strikes

Open Season on Henry Williams

Steal or Be Killed

Where Oh Where Has My Mary Gone

The Valuable Door Buzzer

Riding Stable

Invention Worth Killing For

Kid s Killing

The Record Collector

Blackie Loves Helen

Wind Blows West

Five Bullets in Don Anderson

The Twin Murders

Cobb s Trucking Company

50,000 Dollars for Blackie

The William Larson Extortion Murder Case

Wrestling Ring Murder

Tom Walton Escapes

Clyde Winston, Photographer