Box 13

Box 13 was a syndicated radio series about the escapades of newspaperman-turned-mystery novelist Dan Holliday, played by film star Alan Ladd. Created by Ladd's company, Mayfair Productions, Box 13 premiered in 1947. In New York City, it first aired December 31, 1947, on Mutual's New York flagship, WOR. To seek out new ideas for his fiction, Holliday ran a classified ad in the Star-Times newspaper where he formerly worked: Adventure wanted, will go anywhere, do anything -- write Box 13, Star-Times. The stories followed Holliday's adventures when he responded to the letters sent to him by such people as a psycho killer and various victims.

The First Letter

Insurance Fraud Scheme

Blackmail Is Murder

Actor's Alibi

Extra! Extra!


Short Assignment

Double Mothers

Book Of Poems

The Great Torino

Suicide Or Murder

Triple Cross

Damsel In Distress

Diamond In The Sky

Double Right Cross

Look Pleasant, Please

The Haunted Artist

The Sad Night

Hot Box

The Better Man

The Professor And The Puzzle

The Dowager And Dan Holiday

Three To Die

The Philanthropist

Last Will And Nursery Rhyme

Delinquent's Dilemma

Flash Of Light

Hare And Hounds

Hunt And Peck

Death Is A Doll


Dan And The Wonderful Lamp

Tempest In A Casserole

Mexican Maze

Sealed Instructions

Find Me, Find Death

Much Too Lucky

One Of These Four

Daytime Nightmare

Death Is No Joke

The Treasure Of Hang Lee

Design For Danger

The Dead Man Walks

Killer At Large

Speed To Burn

House Of Darkness

Double Trouble

The Bitter Bitten

The Perfect Crime

Archemedes And The Roman

The Clay Pigeon

Round Robin