Bright Star

Bright Star is about Susan Armstrong (Dunne) the editor of a struggling newspaper the Hillsdale Morning Star. MacMurray plays George Harvey an idealist star reporter who often conflicts with his editor over stories.

Oil Swindle

Susan Runs for Mayor

Hillsdale Becomes Mumdad

Miss America Visits

George and the Informer

Crooked Carnival

The Boxer

Dramatic Lessons

The French Dress Designer

George Covers the Hillsdale Fire

George Coaches the Hillsdale High Football Team

The Haunted House

Rodeo Star

Scientific Living

New Homemaker Page Editor

Hotel Room Shortage

Aunt Sophia Plays Matchmaker

The Talking Parrot

The Patient's Aid

Sammy and Shirley

Beaver Park

Cousin Emily

Susan's Poetry

A Flower for Susan

Box Supper

The Chorus Girl

The Society Burglar

One Word Cablegram

Missing Childhood Sweetheart

George's Old Girlfriend, Betty Lou, Comes for a Visit

Susan's Cousan, Emily, Comes for a Visit