Challenge of the Yukon

Challenge of the Yukon was a radio series that began on Detroit's station WXYZ (as had The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet), and an example of a Northern genre story. The series was first heard on February 3, 1938. The title changed from Challenge of the Yukon to Sergeant Preston of the Yukon in November 1951, and remained under that name through the end of the series and into television. The program was an adventure series about Sergeant William Preston of the North-West Mounted Police and his lead sled dog, Yukon King, as they fought evildoers in the Northern wilderness during the Gold Rush of the 1890s. Preston, according to radio historian Jim Harmon, first joined the Mounties to capture his father's killer, and when he was successful he was promoted to sergeant. Preston worked under the command of Inspector Conrad, and in the early years was often assisted by a French-Canadian guide named Pierre.


The Chase

The Map

Arctic Chase

Maw Baker's Pies

Magnanimous Ghost

Bear Trap


Big Bill

The Red Mitten


The Black Bear

Scorpion Sam's Gold

Dynamite Provides

The Trail

The Last Laugh

The Irish Wolf Hound

Father Donovan

Long Fall Canyon

The Bonanza Belle

The Dachshund

Christmas Present

New Year's Eve

The Grave Robbers

The Mail Team

Preston Takes Over

Jane Gets Her Man

The Blind Man

The Cure


The Shamaness

Mad Wolf

The Bully

Hold Up

The Rivals

The Return of Pete Hill

Ned's Wife


Torn Parka

Balmy Bill

Eskimo Justice

Shrimp Togan


The Mitten

Annie Jones

The Great Dane

How Preston Got King

The Sharp Shooter

The Pup That Ate Too Much


Preston Breaks a Rule

Beaver Dam

The Silver Fox

The Mute Speaks

Grizzly Martin

Preston Goes to Jail

The Epidemic

Preston Sells King

Blind Man's Claim

The Wooden Case

Trap in the Mountains

The Choice

The Cat Collar

Thanksgiving in the Wilderness

The Watch Dog

The Dog Fight

Christmas Present

The Man Who Limped

The False Beard


The Black Dog

A Question of Ethics

The Gold Fang

Pet Bear

The Substitution

The Red Parka

The Hermit of Nugget Hill

The Coffin

Sunshine Stones

The Birthday Present

The Big Stone House

The Dancing Bear

The Story of Big John

The Torn Sleeve

The Mad Trapper

The Red Setter

The Usurpers

Lost Mitten

The Wolf Cub


Pet Bear

The Puppy

Sam's Gold

The Man in the Fur Cap

A Dog Named Mabel

Messenger of Mercy

Derelict Dog

The Revenge of Steve Carlton

Clue to a Killer

The Stolen Pups

The Northern Pursuit

The Fraud


The Proof

The Malamute Pup

The Last Cabin


Sam's Wife

King's Escape

The Limping Dog

King Gets His Man aka The Piano


The Marked Cards

White Man's Law

The Shepherd Dog

The Silent One

Tago, the Half Breed

The Bridge

The Loyalty of Chief

The Pamphlet

The Red Herring

The Klondike Palace

Aunt Em