The Clock

The Clock was a radio anthology narrated by Father Time and broadcast 80 half-hour episodes from 3 November 1946 to 9 May 1948. Its stories were mostly mystery and crime with a tiny smattering of supernaturally-themed episodes. The Clock was originally a United States production. Starting in 1955, a version of the program was produced in Australia by Grace Gibson Productions.


The Actor (aka Story of Jeanne Claire)

All the Money in the World(aka: Joey)

The Story of John Littlefield

One Eyed Cat

Jungle Drums

Aunt Emmy (aka: The Story of Lucy)

The Hunter & the Hunted

A Helping Hand (aka Chance & Coincidence)

Reference Please (aka: The Dentist Chair)

Lively Ghost

The Return of the Vanished Wife (aka: Story of Emma Stewart)

Spanglers Attic

The Bank Vault

The Hitchhiker

Dr Carter's Experiment (aka Double Cross)

The Man Who Lived Once Before (aka: Story of John Shepley)

The Good Valet

Island of Women (aka: Original Man & Woman)

Pretty Cousin Amy

Past or Present

Man with the Strange Trunk (aka: Death Valley)

Star Crossed Lovers (aka: Cliff & Juliet)

Hollywood Heartache (aka: George & Arlene)

The Criminal Mind (aka: The Perfect Crime)

Guilty as Always (aka: Mistaken Identity)

Only Death is Timeless (aka: Mrs. Crocker)

Uncle Amos

Angel w Two Faces (aka: #054 Eddie)

The Right Man

Coming Events

Island Paradise (aka: Preston & Reagan)

Thou Shalt Not Kil (aka: Man Who Counldnt Lose)

Behind the Mask (aka: Crippled Wife Seductress)

The Hypnotist (aka: Luther)

The Manicurist (aka: Mabel)

Gus Fowler (aka: Rendezvous w Death)

Flaming Frances

Ted & Cora (aka: Dream House, Ghost Story)

Professor Leonard Higgens (aka: The Shrunken Head)

Don Miguel (aka: Retributon in the Bullring)

Mike's Dream (aka: The Sentimental Cop)

Sea Story (aka: Trouble at Key West)


Deadlier Than the Male (aka: Cleo, Retribution)

The Jekyll & Hyde Gangster

Lefty & Delilah (aka: The Fighter)

Hazel (aka: The Mystery of Loring Square)



Consuelo (aka: The Sweet Cheat)

Eddie (aka #29 Angel w Two Faces)

Lover Boy

Gertrude (aka: The Girl w the Animal Charm)

Valerie Lathrop


Bad Dreams

Bank Holiday