Columbia Workshop

The series began as the idea of Irving Reis.[1] Reis had begun his radio career as an engineer and developed a fascination with the possibilities of the relatively new medium. His idea was to use experimental modes of narrative to enhance the way a narrative was conveyed over the radio. Reis had isolated attempts to experiment on the radio: Before the Columbia Workshop's debut, he had directed at least a few radio dramas. For Reis, the Columbia Workshop was a platform for developing new techniques for presentation on radio as noted in the debut broadcast: The Columbia Workshop dedicates itself to the purposes of familiarizing you with the story behind radio, both in broadcasting, as well as in aviation, shipping, communication and pathology, and to experiment in new techniques with a hope of discovering or evolving new and better forms of radio presentation, with especial emphasis on radio drama; to encourage and present the work of new writers and artists who may have fresh and vital ideas to contribute.[2]

Hamlet Part 1

Hamlet Part 2

History of the American Patent System

The Happy Prince

Public Domain

Pitch Perception

The Fall of the City


Alice in Wonderland Part 1

Alice in Wonderland Part 2

Alice Through the Looking Glass Part 1

Alice Through the Looking Glass Part 2

Behold the Man


A Drink of Water


A Trip To Czardi

Pepito inherits the Earth

Nine Prisoners

Winged Victory

In the Train

A Letter from Home

Pepito Inherits the Earth

Rendezvous with Kit Carson

Private Throgg

Radio Play - Saroyan

Meridian 7-1212

Now it's Summer


A Letter From Above

The Circular Tour

The Wonderful Day

As You Like It

A Story In Dogtown Common

Esther Part 2

Who Wants To Be Born These Days

Movie Primer


Tel Aviv


Home for the Forth

El Captain and the Corporal

Unity Fair


The Case of Gumpert

Home Coming



Thanks for the Memories

No Children at Play

Sometime Every Summertime

This Is Singing Country

The Pide Piper of Hamlin 10 Anniv Show

Legend in Brocade

Happy Thoughts for a Hot Afternoon

Wilbur, the Psychoneurotic Car

Modern Exhibit

The Path and the Door

The Day Baseball Died

Moby Dick Part 1

Moby Dick Part 2

The Day They Gave Babies Away

Rain, Rain Go Away