Meet Corliss Archer

Meet Corliss Archer, a program from radio's Golden Age, ran from January 7, 1943 to September 30, 1956. Although it was CBS's answer to NBC's popular A Date with Judy, it was also broadcast by NBC in 1948 as a summer replacement for The Bob Hope Show. From October 3, 1952 to June 26, 1953, it aired on ABC, finally returning to CBS. Despite the program's long run, less than 24 episodes are known to exist.

Who Bought The Lawnmower

Corliss The Writer

Dexter's Life Insurance Policy

Visiting New York City

Photo Contest

A Rival Boyfriend (aka Dexter's Rival ) (aka Dexter Sees Corliss w Jerry Allen)

Ideal Babysitters

Sweetheart of the Year Contest (aka The Beauty Contest)

Suit Given to Salvation Army

Corliss Decides Dexter's Future is in Law