Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door was a comedy radio series which aired from 1953 to 57 on Chicago's WGN, moving to the Mutual Broadcasting System in the summer of 1957. Episodes were 15 minutes in length. The married couple was played by Olan Soule and Elinor Harriot. It was revived on CBS Radio (December 30, 1957-November 25, 1960) with Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce as the married couple. Essentially, The Couple Next Door was a reprise of the radio show Ethel and Albert, both were created by Peg Lynch. But the new name was necessitated because Lynch had long since lost the rights to the original title.

New Years Resolutions Lost Cause

Betsy's Pushed by the Kendall

Phone Call to Mexico City

Liability Insurance

Betsy Wants a Dog

Getting Ready to go to Wedding

Home Movies

Paul Jr's Arithmetic

Garage Door

New Hat From Pierre's

Cake Recipe

Night in the Guest Room

Hot Water Heater

Feeling Tired

Flying to New York

Book Borrowing


Over for Bridge

Telling Betsy About the Baby

Is the Couple in the Resturant

Betsy is Asked to Go to the Ball

Splashed With Mud

The Family Reunion

The Ice Carnival

Lost Coat at Restaurant

The Jewelry Store Robbery

To the Police Station for Quest

Betsy's Eating and Table Manner

Getting Rid of Things

House For Sale

To Sell Or Not To Sell

Signing Papers

Going Out for the Evening

Looking At Lake Front Property

Betsy Runs Away

Helping Mrs. Haines

Meeting Mr Rogers

Waiting Outside Department Store

Problems w Lake Property

Betsy Wants to be a Hollyhock

Taking Coat off Trick

Painting of Ancestor

Looking At Apartments

The Broken Dish

The Ant Farm

The Long Distance Call

Betsy the Model

The School Bus

The Driver's Test

Asking Betsy to Pose

The Pencil Sharpener

Negotiating the Price

The New Dress

Elsa & Hubby Drop in for a Visit

Contest for Trip to Hawaii

Second Thoughts About Betsy

The Dentist Bill

The Clayton's Come to See the House

Deal Goes Through

Taking Betsy's Picture

A Noise in the Attic

The Green Dye

Driving Lessons

Colored Bathroom Fixtures

April Fools Day

Chickens & Rabbits

Sick Rabbits

Church on Good Friday

The Truth About Betsy's Picture

The Old Chair

What's Wrong w Brownie

Father Knows Best

Filling Out Income Tax Forms

New Plans For Laundry Room

Betsy's Photo

Returning a Can Opener

Searching For Water

A Dollar From Aunt Effie

Brownie Brings Home a Turkey

House Lacks Something Cute

Herb's Wedding Invitation

Mr Wright the Milkman

A Dress for the Wedding

Making May Baskets

Your Slip is Showing

Getting Dressed for the Wedding

Making a Salad

Bringing Mr Rogers Home for Dinner

Inheriting Money

Betsy Pays Off Her Debt

Pretending No One is Home

Packing for Trip to Boston

Getting Started for Boston

Driving To New York

Dinner With an Old Boyfriend

The Antique Spinning Wheel

A Tour of Boston

Another Tour of Boston

Visiting Aunt Effie's Old Friend

Visiting the House of 7 Gables

The Willis Read

Considering the Terms of the Will

Aunt Mary Hannah & Uncle Edward

Invited to Madge & Charlies

Mr Rogers Hears About House

Painting the Lake Cottage

College Representative

Asking for the Baby Bed Back

Looking At Bids

Charlie's Dare to Swim Across the Lake

The Morning of the Swim

Meeting Contractor

Betsy Invited to Margeret Cooper's

Blasting Starts

Worrying About Damages

Picking Up the Baby Bed

Hauling Dirt

Cows in Yard

Charlie Helps With the Cows

Transplanting Trees

Early American

Piano Lessons for Betsy

Foundation Trouble

Doll Donation

Birthday Party at 4 AM

False Alarm

48 Hours to Get Rid of the Cows

Betsy Resents the Baby

Talks to Child Psychiatrist

Betsy's Weekend Guest


Fish Problems

Unknown Guest

The Tent

Betsy Fixes Lunch

Daddy Sleeps in the Tent

Aunt Martha Comes to Help

Trouble with Aunt Martha

British Thermal Units

Betsy Away Overnight

Changing House Plans

To the Hospital

Baby Born

Baby Seen

Dinner with Night Nurse

Trouble With Housework

Baby's Nurse Arrives

Betsy to the Guest Room

Workmen Have the Mumps

Planning Betsy's Party

Betsy's Birthday Party

Selecting Christmas Cards

Charley Writes an Article

Nephew Trouble

Piano Lesson

Brownie Bites Policeman

Aunt Effie Comes to Help Out

Selling Christmas

Plans Requested by Workman

Christmas Cards Mailed

Betsy Looses Tooth - Business Dinner At The Country Club

Dreams of Being an Author

Birds Nest Delay

Bad Publicity

Birds Find Nest

Misplaced Letter

Idea for a Short Story

Postal Rate Increase

To Move in With Friends

Driving Babysitter Home

Ann Told Of The Move

Playing with Betsy

His Birth Certificate Arrives

His Mother Explains The Certificate

Ride on the Ferris Wheel

Price on Custom Made Desk

Mother Comes to Help Pack

Local Newspaper Interviews Her

Father Told of Name Situation

The Photographer Arrives At A Bad Time

The Newspaper Runs The Photograph

Nowhere To Live

Union Rules (aka Nowhere To Store Furniture)

Moving in with Charlie & Madge

Trying To Leave Gracefully

Late Dinner

Madge To Help Decorate

Madge's Decorating Ideas

Mr Dibble's Mistakes Pointed Out

Moves In The Garage

Charlie & Madge to be Neighbours

Betsy Not Allowed to Ride on School Bus

Check Distance from School

Charlie's House Plans

Buys Used Car

Betsy Concerned About Divorce

A Tour of the Old House

Fuse Blown

Baby Named

Silver Bricked Up

Betsy's Magic Ring

Brownie Tangles with a Skunk

Bargaining For Black Walnut

In Jail

Looking for a Lawyer

Wants Jury Trial

Light Fixture Problems

Planning a Party and Radio Repair

No Room for the Piano

Brick Wall Between Neighbors

Party for Jack and Ann

Convention Plan Backfires

Discussing Clothes for Trip

The New Hairdo

New Clothes

Trying to Leave Town

No Hotel Reservations

Trying to Make an Impression

Telegram from Mr Dibble

Worried About Property Claim

Property Given to Baby

No Room for the Freezer

New Coat for Betsy

Thanksgiving Dinner

Choosing Paint Colors

Paint Color Selected

Painter Quits

Painting Party

Wallpaper Paste Eaten

Preparing for Court


Faints During Trial

Surprise Birthday Party

Aunt Effie's Present Arrives

Live Turkey Delivered

Thanksgiving Explanation

Head Caught in Bannister


Betsy's Report Card

Package for Betsy

Getting Family Picture Made

Jaywalking Trial

Trouble at the Post Office

Dentist Visit

Bathroom Floor Melts

Betsy Asks for a Job

Lost Shoe

Christmas Present Mix-Up

Babysitting Pets for Friends

Selecting a Photograph Proof

Package Sent to Wrong Address

Sweater for Aunt Effie

Name Mix-Up

Assembling Doll House

Christmas Day ('When Radio Was' Version)

Home Study

Mysterious Christmas Present

To Replace Dead Fish

Do Sick on New Year's Eve

Phone Call from Marsha

He Doesn't Like the Tie He Got

Looking for Cancelled Check

Love Letters Returned

New Clothes

Important Phone Call Missed

To Take Skiing Lessons

Recommendation for Charlie

More Skiing Equipment

Skii Is Broken and Replaced

Sprained Ankle

Staying Home from Work

New Job for Charlie

Talk with the Boss

Aunt Effie Wants to Treat Them to Dinner

Charlie's European Plans

Dinner at Fancy Restaurant

Lipstick Explanation

Useful Christmas Gifts

Secretary Resigns

Fuse Blown

Prize-Fight Interruptions

Talk with Mr Crenshaw

Traveling Job Offered

News Leaks Out

Bad News Still Not Told

Aunt Effie's Checkup

Explaining White Lies

Feeding the Baby

To Pay Own Way to Europe

Aunt Effie to Go to Europe

Tree Estimate

Nobody Will Listen

Trust Fund for Bobby

Trip to the Market

Bread Pudding Confession

Baby Present to Wrong Person

Early Appointment

Useless Brush Bought

Job Idea

Aunt Effie Recovers

Italian Lessons

Sample Travel Letter

Job Falls Through

Poltergeist Suspected

Betsy Wants to Be a Baby

To Have a Party for Marsha

Finally Meeting Marsha

Suspects House Is Haunted

Birth Certificate Found

Following Bus in the Fog

Art Discussion

Practical Joke Backfires

Buffet Supper

Coat Taken by Mistake

Discussing Europe Finances

Mr Crenshaw for Dinner

Re-arranging Furniture

Party Invitation Lost

Entering Contest

Short Story Rewritten

Landscape Plans

New Chair Damaged

Chosen for Man of the Week

Rushing Home from Work

Landscape Expert Drops By

Landscape Estimate

Back from Banquet

Comfortable Chair Wanted

Recommendation for Buddy

Betsy Speaks Swahili

Swahili Lessons

Ink Spilled

Aunt Martha to Arrive

Argument With Aunt Martha

Travel Plans May Change

Locked in Display Window

Chair Delivered

Adventure Story Sold

Allowance for Betsy

Joe & his Family Visit

Affidavit Must Be Signed

Dinner Party Mix-up

European Expense Idea

Talk with Buddy

Betsy Loans Money

Barking Test for Brownie

Brownie Is Maladjusted

Fender Scratched

Traffic Violations

Aunt Effie Entertains Mrs Houston

Dishwasher Floods Kitchen

Topsoil Delivered

Betsy Picks out What to Wear

Antique Sold to Mrs Houston

Foot Cut by Artificial Grape

Flowers from Unknown Admirer

Walls Finger Painted

Wallet & Scarf Lost

Trouble at the Theater

No Water

Pump Under Driveway

New Pump Needed

Bus Ride for Betsy

House Tour

Last Night of the Tour

Birth Certificate Problem

Proof of Aunt Effie's Birth

Learns of Short Story Changes

Assembling Dinosaur Model

Luggage Rules

Using Maple Syrup for Varnish

Exterminator Called

Betsy Learns Golden Rule

Buddy's Job Plans

No Travel Reservations Made

Too Many Reservations Made

Unwanted Guests

Alarm Set for 4:00 A.M

Buried Money Dug Up

Shipwreck Worries

Shipwreck Worries

Setting off Fireworks

Police Trouble Over Fireworks

Invitation From Neighbour

Snake for Betsy

Trying to Lay Rug

Heat on in the House

Aunt Effie to Share Room

Stranded on an Island

Nobody Misses the Pipers

Mrs Piper in Hot Water

Meeting the English Neighbour

Installing a Buzzer System

Not Enough Money for Trip

To Sell Stamp Collection

Aunt Martha Can't Babysit

Take Betsy or Not on Trip

Betsy Going on European Trip

But What About the Pets

Betsy & the Measles

Forgotten Travelers Checks

The Missing Passport

Mrs Piper Trims Passport

Immigration Bureau Problems

New Passport Needed

Mrs Piper's New Passport

Mr Piper Gets Seasick

Suit-Case in the Ships Hold

Passengers Lend Clothing

Betsy Feels Sick - Measles

Fannie Hurst Is Aboard

Disembarking at Southampton

Sightseeing Held Up Because of Wet Corset

Fight in Westminster Abbey

Visiting the British Museum

Trapped in the Maze

Busy London Day

Aunt Effie Gets Lost

Forced to See Eye Specialist

Aunt Effie to Help Mr Piper

Trans-Atlantic Telephone Call

Betsy Learns About Beheading

Driving on Their Trip

English Driving Problems


Visiting Mrs Blake's Parents

Invitation for Lunch

Meeting Lady Kenway

Meeting the Kenway Ghost

Getting into Suit-of-Armor

Mr Piper Trapped in Armour

Still Trapped in Armour Suit

Getting out of Armour Suit

Problems Living in Castle

Clothes Left Behind

Speaking English in Paris

Paris Chambermaid Problems

To the Top of Eiffel Tower

Old-Home-Week in Paris

Challenged to a Duel

Fighting an Illegal Duel

Fight for Mrs Piper's Honor

Historical Facts About France

Aunt Effie's New Beau

On Again, Off Again Duel

Mr Piper Prepares for Duel

Mr Piper Is Reprieved

Take Tour of Versailles

Betsy Meets a French Girl

$3,200 Hotel Bill for Stamps

Aunt Effie Is Lovesick

Train Compartment Mix-Up

Mrs Piper Seasick on Gondola

Roses Sent to Aunt Effie

Mr Piper's Toothache

Bus Trip to Florence

The Chambermaid's Bell

Mr Whitaker Joins the Party

Driving to Pisa-Rented Car

Stranded in a Tiny Village

Forced to Visit Local Dentist

Visit Top of Mt Vesuvius

How Costly Is This Trip?

Visiting Pompeii

Money Misunderstanding

The Last Night in Naples