Duffy's Tavern

Duffy's Tavern was a popular American radio situation comedy which ran for a decade on several networks (CBS, 19411942; NBC-Blue Network, 19421944; NBC, 19441951), concluding with the December 28, 1951 broadcast. The program often featured celebrity guest stars but always hooked them around the misadventures, get-rich-quick schemes and romantic missteps of the title establishment's malaprop-prone, metaphor-mixing manager, Archie, portrayed by Ed Gardner, the writer/actor who co-created the series. Gardner had performed the character of Archie, talking about Duffy's Tavern, as early as November 9, 1939, when he appeared on NBC's Good News of 1940.[1]

(AFRS) Genius Of The Week (Song - My Blue Heaven)

Forecast Audition (aka 1940-07-09 aka 1940-04-11 aka 1943-03-09 aka 1944-12-01 aka Pickled Pigs Feet aka Irish Tenor)

(AFRS) Susan Hayward & Frank Buck

(AFRS) (#093 #095) Clifton Fadiman (Lecture Society Meeting) (aka 1942-11-10 & 1943-06-01 Clifton Fadiman - aka 1943-06-01 Tallulah Bankhead)

(AFRS) Lucille Ball asks

Peter Lorre (Missing Salami Sand. Case)

(AFRS) Ida Lupino (Archie's Life Story) (Brief Snd Issues)

Charles Coburn (Vers 1 The Poker Game) (Vers 2 #322 The Boys Play Poker)

Bing Crosby Visits (aka May Buy half Interest in Bar) (aka 1942-12-07 #068 Bing Crosby)

(AFRS) Joan Davis & Newlywed Dinah Shore (Archie's Song)

Fred Allen (Duffy Wants him to MC Pig Roast) Show starts at 56 Secs

Deems Taylor (Archie Writes an Opera For TV) (AFRS is 1951-11-16) (aka 1943-01-12)

Billie Burke (Archie Needs Finnigan to Marry Billie) (aka 1944-03-02 Billei Burke)

Phil Baker (Archie Invests in an Oil Well)

(AFRS) Guest is Gracie Fields (Turning Tavern into Hotel)

Colonel Stoopnagle (Gives Tax Advice)

(AFRS) Gertrude Lawrence (Archie Writes a Play)

(AFRS) Carole Landis Talks About Women in the Work Force

(AFRS) Bob Crosby & Mrs Dolores Hope

(AFRS) Dennis Day (Duffy Plays Match Maker) (aka 1944-05-12) (aka Duffy Tries to Get a Date for Den-Day)

(AFRS) Adolph Menjou (Men's Fashion Lecture)

(AFRS) Paul Lukas (Archie Uses Paul For Publicity)

(AFRS) Rudy Vallee (Does his Show from Tavern)

(AFRS) Gene Tierney (Insurance Policy For Finnegan)

(AFRS) Bob Benchley (Party For Singer Bob Graham)

(AFRS) Monty Woolley (Xmas Program) (aka 1943-12-21 Herbert Marshall)

Boris Karloff (Bond Drive) (aka 1943-xx-xx Boris Karloff) (aka Archie's Adap. Frankenstein)

(AFRS) Boris Karloff (Bond Drive) (aka 1943-xx-xx Boris Karloff) (aka Archie's Adap. Frankenstein)

(AFRS) Linda Darnell (Policeman's Bal)

(AFRS) Sonny Tufts

(AFRS) Finnegan the Millionaire (aka 1945-01-05 #153 Jinx Falkenburg - Archie Quits)

(AFRS) John Garfield (Fish & Fantasy)

(AFRS) Archie's Raise

(AFRS) (Eddie Quits Vers 1) & is Rehired (Maxie Rosenbloom Fired) (aka 1945-11-02 Eddie Quits Vers 1) (aka DT 1951-02-23 #398 - Eddie Quits Vers 2)

(AFRS) Sandra Gould (Archie Hires Madam Zooma)

(AFRS) Elsa Maxwell (Christmas Carol) (aka Is There a Santa Claus)

(AFRS) Balancing the Books (aka Audit Trouble)

(AFRS) Alan Ladd (Archie Wants to Make another Movie w Alan) (aka Balancing the Books) (aka Audit Trouble)

(AFRS) Larry Storch (Making a Movie)

(AFRS) Dave Hossinger (aka Archie Hires A Singer) (aka 1946-01-25 Archie's Investment)

(AFRS) Peggy Lee (Archie is in Love - Archie Buys a New Suit)

(AFRS) Tonsillectomy (aka Archie Has to Have His Tonsils Out) (aka 1946-02-08 #196 Peggy Lee)

Alan Ladd (Archie Takes up Gardening) (aka 1946-02-22 Guest Alan Young) (aka 1946-03-01 Alan Young takes care of Archie's Plants)

Ed Gardner Returns as Archie

(AFRS) Marie McDonald (Archie Tries to Impress Marie)

Esther Williams (Fashion Show)

Archie Takes Up Reading (Talks about World Hunger)

(AFRS) Pierre the Talking & Singing Dog

Joan Bennett (The Raffle)

John J. Anthony & Minerva Pious

(AFRS) Malneck Orch (Archie Proposes to Wealthy Girl)

Bert Gordon (Miss Duffy's Coming out Party) (aka 1947-05-08 Bert Gordon) (aka 1947-05-18)

Rudy Vallee & George Jessel (Testimonial for Archie)

Jean Sablon (Archie's Girlfriend Loves Jean)

Archie's Yearbook

Garry Moore (Auditor Finds a Shortage)

Duffy Won't Give Archie a Raise (aka Archie Wants a Raise)

Rex Harrison (Dream Girl)

Jeff Chandler (Miracle on 3rd Ave) (aka Archie in Bad Spirits)

Dorothy Shaye (Missing Xmas Cards)

Desi Arnaz (Archie Planning to Marry for Money) Morton Visits

Archie's Philosophy (aka 3 days to Live)

Schoolmate Willie Gundig Pays Tavern a Visit

Archie Wants to Patent Electricity

Guest is Mickey Rooney (Television Play)

Marlene Dietrich (Archie Plans to Write TV Script)

Sheldon Leonard (The Bully)


Jimmy Durante & Ann Sothern (Both Act in Archie's Play)

Gypsy Rose Lee (Archie-Finnegan Dbl Date)

Millionaire Bum J Ev. Poindexter (No More IOU

Cass Daley (as Possible Groom For Miss Duffy)

Archie Tries to Marry a Rich High Society Dame

Charles Coburn (Vers 2 The Boys Play Poker) (Vers 1 #102 The Poker Game) (aka 1945-10-15 Charles Coburn)

Chester Morris (On Trail Of Whistling Sam)

Most Popular Bartender on 3rd Av Contest

Ed Wynn (Narrates Archie's Opera)

Agatha Pitz (Archie Wants to Marry Rich Agatha)

Bob Crosby (Sings to Archie's Girlfriend)

(AFRS) Tony Martin (Pretends to Be Duffy)

Hedda Hopper (Plans a Coming Out Party)

Fathers' Day

Archie Buys Surplus Army Helicopter (aka The Chef Just Qut)

Barry Nelson (Archie Buys Radio Transmitter)

Sir Cedric Hardwicke (Archie Asks Sir Cedric to be Roommate)

(AFRS) Archie's Nephew Visits

Bobby Capo (Latin Night) (aka 1951-05-04 Latin Night)

Archie Wants to Sell Tavern (aka 1949-12-08) (PR SND)

Veronica Lake (Archie wants her to help promote new singer) (aka 1943-10-05)

Charles Colburn (Annual Christmas Skit) (aka Charles Colburn Plays Santa Claus) (aka 1947-12-24 #266)

Archie Cuts Prices by 10 % to Fight Inflation (aka 1949-12-29 Archie Cuts Prices)

Joan Bennett (Archie Dates Joan)

Lady From the Draft Board

Literary Society Meeting

Vincent Price (The Ham's Club)

Archie Runs for Office (aka For Pure Food Insp) (aka 1951-01-21 For Political Office)

Shelley Winters (Mystery Valentine) (aka 1950-02-16) (aka Valentines Show)

Archie the Hypnotist

Arthur Treacher (Eddie Quits Vers 2) Treacher Quits His Job is same show as Vers 1 - #183 (aka Job Opening)

Arthur Treacher (Peter Stuyvesant's 1670 Diary)

Archie's Opera 2 Barbers of Seville

Arthur Treacher (Men's Fashion Lecture)

Arthur Treacher (Bringing Culture to the Tavern)

Bert Gordon & Artie Shaw (Archie Throws Block Party)

Rudy Vallee (The Singing Detective (aka 1950-05-25)

Bert Gordon (Archie the Lion Tamer)

Gary Moore & Phil Baker (Books Don

Boris Karloff (Duffy Confirms he's Decided to Sell The Tavern)

Luella Parson Ed Sullivan etc (Party For Columnists & Nation

Josethia Hernandez (Spanish Floorshow)

Cultural Singing Contest

(AFRS) Deems Taylor (Archie Writes an Opera For TV) (aka Original Show 1944-01-25 #114)

Archie Opens a Tea Room (aka 1951-10-19 $100,000 Wedding Bells - Archie to Marry Abigale P) (aka Archie's Nephew Morton Visits)

Archie Buy a Race Horse (aka 1951-10-26 Stumblebum) (aka Archie Inherits Half A Race Horse) (aka Archie Helps Nephew Morton with Homework)

A Baby is Left at Tavern

Archie's Old Grammer School Teacher Visits Ver 2 (aka 1944-01-18) (aka 1950-11-24 Archie Helps Morton)

Atomic Research

Hawaiian Vacation Slogan Contest