Easy Aces

Easy Aces, a long-running American serial radio comedy (19301945), was trademarked by the low-keyed drollery of creator and writer Goodman Ace and his wife, Jane, as an urbane, put-upon realtor and his malaprop-prone wife

The Aces Get Ready for Their Trip to Arizona.mp3

Betty & Cokie Find Note Signed M.mp3

Neal Joins Investig of Note.mp3

Neal Suspects Marsh for the Illegal Land Deal

Marsh Ciy Hall Property Files Missing

Neal Hires Safecracker to Get Evidence.mp3

Marsh Hears of Neal's Investigation.mp3

Neat Gets Statement from Investigator.mp3

Neal Talks to Editor & Gets Fired.mp3

Neal Confronts Marsh.mp3

Neal Confronts his Boss.mp3

Getting House Ready to Surprise Jane.mp3

Trouble Moving into House.mp3

The Aces Return by Train.mp3

Surprise Party Cheers up Jane

Ace Explains How he Got Money Back to Jane

Cokie & Betty Want to Get Married

Betty Argues w the Aces about Cokie

Jane Helps Betty Plan ElopemenT

Cokie Tells Ace he's Not Getting Married

Cokie Tells Jane he's Not Getting Married

Jane Tells Betty of Cokie's Change of Heart

Ace Places Ad for New Business Partner

Ace Gets Jane's Answer to Ad

Jane & Ace Meet about Partnership

The Aces Discuss Opening Beauty Shop

Jane Checks out Beauty Shop

Ace Decides Not to Buy Beauty Shop

Jane Listens to a Quiz Show

Jane Prepares for Quiz Show

Jane Appears on the Quiz Show

Ace Wants to Be Neff's Partner

Jane Gets Betty to Work for Ace

Jane Meddles in Ace's First Real Estate Deal

Neff Tries to Calm Mr Thompson

Jane Prepares to Play the Farmer's Wife

Jane Plays Her Part Too WelL

Jane Worries about Ace Working Late

Ace Trying to Sell Farm to Widow

Jane Suspects Ace Seeing Other Woman.mp3

Marge Gets Ace's Story - Jane Sees Lawyer

Jane Thinks Ace Wants to Get Rid of Her

Jane Has Left - Ace Is Using Her Maiden Name

Ace Sells Farm - Jane Teaches Cokie Bridge

Jane Upset over Leaving Ace

Mrs Adams Talks to Jane

Jane Has Trouble with Laura

Laura Tries to Bluff Raise from the Aces

Laura Gets Her Raise

Jane's Sister Writes Letter re Betty

No One Knows Who Betty's Boyfriend Is

Betty Is Seeing an Older Man

Jane Gets Cokie To Trail Betty

Betty's Boyfriend in Trouble with Ace

Jane Talks Mr Page into Giving up Betty

Jane Thinks Neff's Nephew Should Date Betty

Jane Throws Dinner for Betty & Carl

Betty Tells off Everyone Incl Carl

Jane Tries to Get Carl & Betty TogetheR

Carl & Betty Fight over Bridge Game

Everyone Makes Up

Neff Upset w Carl for Seeing Betty

Carl Proposes to Betty

Jane Talks to Neff re Betty & Carl

Neff Threatens to Break Partnership

Carl Finds Clause in Contract to Block Neff

Betty Refuses Bribe from Neff

Jane Takes a Check from Neff

Jane Gets Another Chance to Fix Things

Jane Tricks Neff - Betty & Carl Marry

Jane Plans Party for Cokie

Jane Visits Cokie's Orphanage

Jane Tries to Crash Party

Jane Brings Home Letter from Orphanage

Jane Tries to Get Evidence on Orphanage

The Aces Meet Mrs Duffy

Jane Wants to Manage Orphan Singer

Jane Gets Johnny Ready for Audition

Johnny Auditions for Ace Marge & Laura

Jane Tries to Pick Johnny's Stage Name

Johnny Cut from Radio Spot

Johnny Gets his Start on Radio

Carl & Betty Break Up

Betty Talks to Jane about Fight

The Aces Discuss Betty & Carl

Betty Wants to Make up w Carl

Betty & Carl Almost Make Up

The Aces Plan a Fight for Betty & Carl

The Aces Pretend to have Argument

Carl & Betty Are Happy

Jane Wants Mink Coat

Jane Sells Tickets to Charity Play

Ace Gets Neff to Buy Bunch of Tickets

Jane Given the Part of a Maid

Jane Explains Part to Marge & Ace

Jane Rehearses - Ace Finds out about Tickets

Jane Finds out she Owes Money for Tickets

Jane's Phone Calls Interrupt Rehearsal

Ace Gets Jane out of Selling Tickets

Jane Prepares for Her Role

Star of the Play in a Shootout

Jane Tells Marge & Ace about Shootout

Jane the Understudy Made Star of Play

Jane Gets Rave Notices for Performance

Jane Gets Offer by Telegram

Jane Wants Ace to See Doctor

Johnny Wants to Sell Life Ins to Ace

Johnny Tries to Explain Ins to Jane

Jane Talks to a Dr re: Ace Being Tired

Bridge Game to Make Ace Forget his Heart

Ace Tries to Teach Jane Bridge Signals

Jane Starts Taking Bridge Lessons

Ace Invites Neff for Bridge - Expecting to Lose

Neff & Jane are Bridge Partners

Jane's Instructor Wants her to Teach Bridge

Jane Used as Mrs Average Player

Ace Learns about Jane's Bridge Job

Jane Gives Another Lesson

Jane Talks about her Bridge Playing Job

Jane's Bridge Method Becoms Popular

Jane Discusses her New Contract

Newspaper Wants to Interview Jane

Everyone Mad at Jane

Jackson Runs Bridge Scam

Jane Talks w Ace about a Bridge Business

Renting Office for the Business

Planning New Bridge Business

Ace Calls Bridge Business a Joke

Jane Hires Bridge Player

New Player Is Card Shark.mp3

First Day of Bridge Business

Players Are Wanted as Dance Partners

The Business Is Investigated

Marge Quits her Job

Jane Upset over New Steno

Silent Partner Jane Cracks the Whip

Jane Meets New Neighbour

Jane Takes Marriage Lessons from Mrs Frederic

Jane Gets Idea how to help Ace.mp3

Jane Learns How to Help Ace in Office

Jane Butters up Ace's Customer

Ace's Customer Comes to Dinner.mp3

Neff Spoils Deal over $5

Jane Gets Customer to Sign Deal

Mr Frederic Warns Ace about Jane

Jane Wants to Hire Butler

New Plan to Get Jane out of Ace's Bus

Mrs Frederic Is Jealous

Mrs Frederic Suspects Marge Wants Baxter

Jane Suspects Marge