Fibber McGee and Molly

Fibber McGee and Molly is an American radio comedy series which maintained its popularity over decades. It premiered on NBC in 1935 and continued until its demise in 1959, long after radio had ceased to be the dominant form of entertainment in American popular culture.

Fibbers Black Eye

Fibber The Director

Fibber Models A Dress

Fibber Is Catching A Cold

Fibber Gives Up Cigars

Fibber Finds Watch

Election Day

Egyptian Good Luck Ring

Dog License

Coming Home After Doing Lux Theater

Zither Lessons


Overdue Library Book

Out Of Coal

Newspaper Column

Mouse In The House

Molly Returns Sets Up Budget

Missing Shirt Collar Button

Military Advisor

Mcgees Fish Fry

Mcgee The Wrestler

Mcgee Gets Glasses


Losing Mrs Uppingtons Diamond

Killer Canovas Autograph

Jewelry Store Robbery

Inherited Yacht


Halloween Party At Gildersleeves House

Finance Company Is After Car

Fifteenth Anniversary Elopement

Fibber Is Too Sick For Housework

Fibber Going Bald

Faulty Window Shade

Escaped Convicts

Department Store Adjustors

Mcgee Minds A Baby

Mcgee Builds A Fireplace

Masquerade Party

Christmas Shopping For Mcgee's Nephew (

Wistful Vista Auto Show

Street Car Motorman Mcgee

Encyclopedia Salesman

Employment Agency

Motorcycle, The Judge And Fibber

Mcgees Win 79 Wistful Vista

Hotdogs And A Blowout

Dip In The Ocean

Fifth Anniversary Show

Five Tons Of Coal

Getting Rid Of Old Suit

Gildersleeve Girdle Show

Gildersleeves Diary

Gone With The Wind

Mailing Christmas Packages

Make A Pal Of Your Wife Week

Mcgee Builds A Dog House

Missing Screwdriver

New License Plates Stolen Car

Notre Dame Vs Army

Packing For Vacation

Planting A Hedge

Radio Phonograph

40 Percent Off

Acting Fire Commissioner Mcgee

Christmas Presents

Early To Bed (

Fall House Cleaning

Fibber Bakes Mollys Birthday Cake

Fibber Builds Telescope

Fibber Buys A New Suit

Fibber Changes His Name To Ronald

Fibber Cuts Christmas Tree

Fibber Grows A Moustache

Fibber Is Drafted

Fibber Needs Glasses

Fibber The Watch Salesman

Fifty Thousand Dollar Deal

Fix It Mcgee

Gildas Ladder Fibber Makes A Record

Gildy Says Goodbye

Having Picture Taken

Hundred Dollar Bill

Leaving For Hollywood

Mcgees Give A Party

Missing Fender

New Furniture

Night Out With The Boys

Piano Lessons

Quarantined With Measles


Duck Hunting With Latrivia

Family Tree

Fibber Builds A Footstool

Fibber Converts Furnace To Coal

Fibber Getting In Condition

Fibber Is Going To Be Rich

Fibber Misplaces Christmas Money

Fibber Writes A Song

Fibbers Home Movie

Gasoline Rationing

Latherino Soap Contest

Mollys Lost Diamond Ring

Mouse In The House

Mrs Uppingtons Window_p1

Mrs Uppingtons Window_p2

Night Out

Old Straw Hat

Old Timer On The Lam

Otis Cadwallader

Packing For Vacation Locked Trunk

Pot Roast For Dinner

Fibber Buys A Horse

Black Market Meat

Breakfast In Bed For Molly

Camping At Dugans Lake

Cleaning The Closet (

Cutting Old Suit For Molly

Dress For Molly


Fibber Feels Ill

Fibber Has A Ribbon

Fibber The Author

Fibbers Barometer Indicates Snow

Fibbers Horoscope

Getting Ready For Camping Trip

Indian Fighter Uncle Sycamore

Is This Trip Necessary

Looking For A Xmas Tree

Looking For Skilled War Workers

Mcgees Go To The Movies


Poker Game

Alice Darlings New Boyfriend

Aunt Sarahs Picture

Cannery Executive

D Day

Dining Out

Duck Hunting

Early Christmas Presents

Fibber Finds Lost Diamond Ring

Fibber The Convalescent (

Four Dollar Debt

German Spy

Getting Ready For Ranch Vacation

Handwriting Analysis

Hip Boots

Homemade Ice Cream

Mcgee Controls His Temper

Mcgees Hire Beulah

Molly Gets Flowers

My Old Mandolin

Night School

No Maple Syrup

Old Muley Caught

Putting Up A Porch Swing

Radio Quiz Show

Brisk Winter Walk To Dugans Lake

Architect Mcgee

Bank Statement

Big Project To Burn Off Excess Energy

Briefcase Bronson

Building House Next Door

Catching A Train

Clean Closet Mrs. Carstairs Is Coming

Collecting For Red Cross

Diamond Stick Pin

Dinner For Cousin Ernest

Docs Gift To Mcgee

Fibber Teaches Molly To Drive

Fibber The Magician

Fibber Tunes The Piano

Fibbers Big Deal With Carstairs

Fixing The Radio

Friend Of The Governor


Giving Doc Gambles Clothes Away

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Hitchin A Ride

Housing Survey

Mcgee Chops Down Old Oak Tree


No News Is Bad News

No Train Reservations

Not Enough Hot Water

Power Lawn Mower

The Poet

White Christmas Tree

Air Show Flying Fool Mcgee

An Error In Mcgees Bank Balance

Barbershop Quartet

Bean Contest

Bon Ton For Laces

Bull Moran

Camping Equipment For Boat Trip

Car Ignition Key Release

Card Party

Catching Old Muley

Collecting For The Red Cross

Cousin Salvador

Fibber And Doc Eat Out

Fibber Checks The Water Supply

Fibbers New Suit

Fibbers Pen Is Missing

Fibbers Play For The Big Football Game

Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians

Ice Skating

Mcgee And Health Foods

Mcgee Flies A Kite

Mcgee The Painter

Miss Tremaine For Dinner

Night Before Christmas

Old Ball Game

Pioneer Day

Political Campaign

Promoting A Feud

Prowler At Fifis

1880 Quarter


Altering The House

Anniversary Football Game

Aunt Sarahs Fruitcake

Baby Sitting Teeny

Bad Mail Service

Catching Teenys Cat

Citizenship Test

Collecting Docs Bills

Diving For Gold Pieces

Duck Hunting Trip

Fibber Gets Weighed

Fibber Is Interviewed

Good Grammar (

Home Power Plant

Late Car Payment

Lost Key Ring

Mcgee Buys A Life Raft

Mcgees Go To The Carnival

Meeting Someone On Racing Night

Mollys Old Friend Thelma Visits

Mollys Twisted Ankle

New Breadbox

New Radio

Newspaper Interview

Old Friend Homer Pays A Debt

Package At The Post Office

Physical Fitness

Shrimps Mcgee

Spending 10 Dollar Gift Certificate

Baseball Cologne

Big Money For Old Books

Broken Card Table

Cartable Radio

Childhood Sled

Christmas Card From Elizabeth

Country Club Supper

Docs Pheasants

Early Christmas Shopping

Fibber Owed 7 Dollars

Fibbers Tune

Fixing Docs Car

Magic Act

Mcgee Loses The Laundry Bundle

Mcgee Makes A Vase

Mcgee Quits Smoking

Mcgees Lucky Day

Mcgees Pressed Pants

Mollys Easter Dress

Mollys Toothache

New Fire Alarm Box

New Table Lamp

Overnight Trip

Passenger Pigeon

Retrieving Portable Radio

Reupholstering Davenport

Selling The House

Spearhead Commission

Street Light Is Out

Volunteering For Jury Duty

Womans Bazaar

Waring Summer Replacement

Trolley Rider

Abandoned Jalopy

Best Christmas Decorations

Community Chest Bazaar

Concert Goers

Cuckoo Clock

Do A Good Turn Mcgee

Doc Gamble Day

Docs New Suit

Dress Makers Dummy

Elks Club Mortgage

Fibbers New Pipe

Fifteenth Anniversary Show

Fish Dinner

Making Christmas Cards

Man Of The Year Swindle

Money In A Shoebox

New Fire Truck

New House For Olie

Stuck In The Grating

Thousand Pound Inheritance

Time Organizer

Truth On Washingtons Birthday

Umbrella Stand

Vacation Plans Canoeing

Women Drivers

Aunt Jenny

Chicken Barbque

Circus Day

Elks Club Dance

Fishing Trip

Flying Saucer

Man Hole Cover

Mcgee The Census Taker

Picnic In The Orchard

Ranch Foreman

Running The General Store

Mcgee Declared Well

Mcgee The Artist

Skating Party At Dugans Lake

All You Can Eat For A Dollar

At The Carnival

Fixing The Back Step

Mcgee The Political Worker

Mcgees Annual Checkup

Mcgees Fruit Punch

Missing Umbrella

Pancake Day

Perilous Horoscope

Picnic At Dugans Lake

Polishing Docs Car

Rich Friend Gert

Running Kramers Drugstore

Singing Commercial

Statue Of Buckshot Mcgee

Summoned By The Irs

Traffic Court

Twentieth Anniversary On Nbc

Awaiting A Phone Call

Biography For Luncheon

Breakfast In Bed For Molly

Buying Shampoo At Kramers

Christmas Fund

Courteous Mcgee

Elks Club Vaudeville Show

Fibber Hoarse Molly Speaks

Hanging Aunt Sarahs Picture

Installing A Wall Safe

Letter To The Postmaster

Mcgee Minds Docs Office

Mcgee The Artist

Mcgees Giant Icicle

Mcgees Lucky Day

Old Law To Escape Taxes

Overnight In The Wrong House

Phony Ring Investment

Preparing Club Speech

Something Fell Off The Car

Suit For Luncheon

Teaching The Parakeet To Talk

Buying A Parakeet

Celebrating Washingtons Birthday

Dying Twelve Dozen Easter Eggs

Eight Year Old Newspaper

Envelope Swindle

Federal Income Tax Preparation

Fibber Sleeps Through Two Gun Justice

Fibbers High School Athletic Trophy

Ketchup Representative Comes

Mcgee Jet Ketchup Gun

Mcgees Lucky Day

Molly In The Attic

Nature Hike

Prepares For Hike

Tall Tale Mcgee

Trouble With The Bon Ton Parking Valet