Fort Laramie

Fort Laramie was a radio Western series that aired Sunday afternoons at 5:30pm(et) on CBS from January 22 to October 28, 1956. Produced and directed by Norman Macdonnell, this Western drama depicted life at old Fort Laramie during the 19th Century. The 41 episodes starred Raymond Burr as Lee Quince, captain of the cavalry. One year later, Burr became a television star as Perry Mason. Supporting regulars included Vic Perrin as Sgt. Gorse, Harry Bartell as the slightly green Lt. Seiberts and Jack Moyles as Major Daggett. Heard on a more irregular basis were Howard McNear as Pliny the fort sutler, Sam Edwards as Trooper Harrison, and in a variety of roles, such actors as John Dehner, John McIntire, Virginia Gregg, James Nusser, Parley Baer and Barney Phillips. Amerigo Marino supplied the music. The scripts were mostly written by John Meston, Kathleen Hite, Les Crutchfield and John Dunkel. [edit]


Playing Indian

The Boatwright's Story

Squaw Man

The Woman at Horse Creek


Captain's Widow


Hattie Pelfrey

The Beasley Girls

The Coward

Lost Child

Stage Coach Stop

The New Recruit


Never the Twain

War Correspondents


Sergeant's Baby

Don't Kick My Horse

Young Trooper

Winter Soldier

The Loving Cup

Trooper's Widow

Talented Recruits

Old Enemy

Spotted Tail's Return

Nature Boy

The Massacre

The Assembly Line

Goodbye Willa

The Chaplain

The Return of Hattie Pelfrey

The Buffalo Hunters

The Payroll

The Woman at Horse Creek

A Small Beginning

Galvanized Yankee

Still Waters

Indian Scout

Army Wife