Frontier Gentleman

Frontier Gentleman tells the adventures of an English newspaperman who is sent to document life on the American Frontier. Interestingly, newspaperman Kendall, played by John Dehner, interacts with a number of historical characters, including Calamity Jane, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok, Sitting Bull and General George Custer.

The Rainmaker

Remittance Man (Audition - Ben Wright)

The Shelton Brothers

Charlie Meeker

Honky Tonkers

Kendall's Last Stand

The Lost Mine

The Claim Jumpers

Big Sam For Governor

The Actress

Gentle Virtue

Powder River Kid

The Trial

Aces And Eights

Random Notes

Daddy Buckbucks

The Cannibal

Advice To The Lovelorn

The Cowboy

School Days

The Belljoy's Prisoner

The Well

Gambling Lady

The Education Of Kid Yancy

Justice Of The Peace

Mighty Mouse

Mighty Tired

Nebraska Jack

The Cat Man

Wonder Boy

Belle Siddons's Encore

Belle Siddons Strikes Back

The Last Of Belle Siddons

A Horse For Kendall

Indian Lover

The Golddigger

The Librarian

Aces And Eights

The Preacher

Nasty People


Random Notes