Hall of Fantasy

The first Hall of Fantasy originated from radio station KALL in Salt Lake City, Utah. Richard Thorne and Carl Greyson were announcers for the station and produced the rather bare bones shows, possibly late in 1946 and into 1947. The shows were written or adapted by Robert Olson and directed by Mr. Thorne. Most were classic murder mysteries with traditional endings, the evil-doer got his just rewards. It ended when Mr. Thorne and Mr. Greyson went their separate professional ways. The Hall of Fantasy aired again in 1949 when, by pure coincidence,Thorne and Greyson were working at in Chicago. This reunion led to their reviving the series. This time, the series featured stories involving struggles against the supernatural where man was usually the loser, specializing in shock endings.

Death in the Bayou

Judges House

Man Size in Marble


Mark of Shame

He who follows me

Castle of Lavoca

Shadow People

Handmans Rope

Black Figurine of Death

Treasure of Kublai Khan

The Automaton

Man Form Second Earth

Stones Revenge

Dance of the Devil Dolls

Sea Phantom

Temple of Huizilpochle

Telltale heart

Diamonds of Death

Cask of Amontillado

Dance of the Devil Dolls

The Return From Death

He Who Follows Me

The Temple of Huizilipochle

The Tell-Tale Heart

The Crawling Thing

The Masks of Ashor

The Shadow People

The Night The Fog Came

The Black Figurine Of Death