Harold Peary Show (Honest Harold)

At CBS, Peary began a new situation comedy, The Harold Peary Show, sometimes known as Honest Harold, a title that was actually the name of the fictitious radio show the new character hosted. Radio veteran Joseph Kearns (later familiar as Mr. Wilson on television's Dennis the Menace) played veterinarian Dr. Yancey, known better as Doc Yak-Yak and resembling former foil Judge Hooker. The new show also borrowed a few Gildersleeve plot devices, such as running for mayor and engagements to two women. In what was possibly a desperate attempt to recreate the Gildersleeve magic, it even brought in actress Shirley Mitchell, virtually recreating her Gildersleeve role of Leila Ransom, under the name of Florabelle Breckenridge. Additionally, Honest Harold's secretary at the radio station, Glory, bears a more than passing resemblance to Gildersleeve's Water Department secretary, Bessie: both are stereotypical giggly blondes


Harold Loses His Job

Renaming Boomer Park

Shark Repellent

The Chanteuse

The Runaway Boy

Campaign Speech

Election Plans

Cousin Raymond Visits

Getting a Job

Thanksgiving Play

The Hummer

Raymond and Gloria

Childrens Christmas Party

New Years Dance

Warbleware Party

Lost Sponsor

Going to New York

Engaged Twice

Civic Achievement Award

Mothers Suitor

Mistaken Valentines

Florabelle Returns

Willis Cant Pass the Physical

Red Cross Drive

Income Tax

Cousin Marvin

First Day of School

Modernizing Docs Office

Cleaning the Cellar

Circus Day

Marvins Gang

Vying for Class

Florabelles New Lover

Party Invitation

Marshall for a Day

Peabodys Sister Takes Over

Marvin Decides to Stay