Life With The Lyons

Life with The Lyons is unusual in that it featured a real-life American family. Ben Lyon and his wife Bebe Daniels settled in London during the Second World War and feature with the comedian Vic Oliver in the radio series Hi, Gang! that ran from 1940 to 1949. Life With the Lyons followed on from this and, together with Ben and Bebe, featured their children Richard and Barbara Lyon. Although scripted, it expanded on real-life events.

INTRO (aka Thirteen For Dinner)

Voyage Home

Fairy Cakes

Is There a Dr in the House

Under the Table

It's a Man's World

That Old Friend

The Life of the Party

It's a Wise Father

A Foreign Romance

Tree of Knowledge

Rocks in your Garden

The Upper Set

Home Again, Too

Christmas Shopping

A Crooner in the House

The Poet

It's Good to be Home

Bend & Be Beautiful

The First Fight

Lyon in Sheeps Clothing

A Dog's Tale