Lone Ranger

The first of 2,956 radio episodes of The Lone Ranger premiered on January 30, 1933 on WXYZ, a radio station serving Detroit, Michigan

Of Luther Jones

Nitro For Pablo

Heros Grave

Strong Medicine

Blood On The Land

Trading Post

Army Mules

Mad Murdock

Pestilence And Silver

Two For Fuzzy

Guilty Hands


Tomorrow Is My Home

Lone Pine

Concord Contest


The Bells Of San Pedro

From Outer Space

Butterfield Stage

Silver Bullet

Rays Of The Sun

Railroad Survey

Indian Chief

Mission Bells

Special Six Guns

Package From Sam Colt

Winning Six Guns

Hidden Mine

Jail Break



Like Father Like Son


Call To The Colors

Christmas Tree

Journey To Adventure


Return Of Butch Cavendish

Fortune In A Hat

Tunnel To Trouble

Army Mule

Boots And The Rodeo

Flood Waters

Chief And The Colnel

Boots And A Bloodhound

A Church For Palemos

Refund For Thunder

Heritage Of Treason

Strangers From The East

Mystery Hotel