Lum and Abner

Lum and Abner was an American radio comedy network program created by Chester Lauck and Norris Goff that was aired from 1931 to 1954. Modeled on life in the small town of Waters, Arkansas, near where Lauck and Goff grew up, the showed proved immensely popular. In 1936, Waters changed its name to Pine Ridge after the show's fictional town.[1]

Friday Night Sociable

Hunting the Lion

L&A Sell Oil Well to Mr Carter

Squire Skimp President of SW Oi

Squire Receives Visit from Sthrn Pipeline

Pine Ridge Oil Boom Over

Matrimonial Bureau Swamped w Mail

Operating the Pine Ridge Matrimonial Bureau

Reading Matrimonial Bureau Mail

Matrimonial Bureau tol Move into Store

Abner Rcvs Telegram from Hortense

Abner Goes to the Railroad Depot to Meet Hortense

Lizabeth Thinks Abner Having an Affair w Hortense

Abner in Bed w 2 Broken Arms

Financing the Re-opening of the Store

Horlick Agrees to Distribute the Flashlight

More Mail for Matrimonial Bureau

Election for Pres of Jot 'em Down Store

Lum Tell Listeners Abner's Arms Aren't Broke

Insurance Company Pays Abner $200

Lum Is Nervous

Lum Is Arrested & Thrown in Jail

Dick Huddleston Gets Lum out of Jail

Lum has Lead for Store Pres Huh

Abner Hires Cedric to Carry Campaign Poster

Restocking of Jot 'em Down Store Begins

Lum Wins Election by 17 Votes

Jot 'em Down Store Re-Opens to Public

Lum & Cedric Don't Like Abner as Boss

Abner Buys Ten Cases of Soap

Squire Pays Abner $10,000 for Rights to Soap

Abner Wants to Start Trading Merchandise

Lum & Abner Divide up the Store

Abner Operating Store on Swap Basis

Abner Swaps with Snake Hogan

Broken Down Circus Comes to Pine Ridge

Almost All of Abner's Merchandise is Gone

Abner Forecloses on Circus

Back in Partnership

Using Feed to Pay Admission to Circus

Lum & Abner Hire Squire Skimp

Squire Assembles Freak Sideshow

Circus Will Open Saturday

Lum Give up Trapeze Act

Lum Thinks All Circus Jobs Dangerous

Grand Opening of Circus Tomorrow

Lum & Abner Lose Money on Circus

Abner Buys a Cheap Pair of Glasses

Walt Bates Will Move Circus to Mena

Circus is Big Business in Mena

Storm Blows Circus Tent Down

Circus Moves to Belleville

Lum Borrows $20,000 from Union Bank

Dick Smashes Lum & Abner's Glasses

Lum Falls in Love with Zenora

Lum & Abner to Travel w Circus

Circus Appearing in Mnt. Ida

Squire is the Main Suspect

Lum Will Hide Money

Money Disappears Again

Newspaper Wants to Run Article on Rescue

First Day of School in Pine Ridge

Lum Gives Speech on Honesty at Schoolhouse

Abner Tries to Raise Lum's Bail Money

Story of Abner's Rescue Getting Bigger

Dick Huddleston Talks to Judge of Lum's Case

Discussing Detective Methods

Abner Helps Lum Pack for Trip to Tulsa

Evalena & Frank Foster to be Married

Lum Needs Engagement Ring for Evalena

Squire Buys Evalena's Engmnt Ring for Lum

Lum Rcvs Chain Letter from Denver

Lum Will Start his Own Chain Letter

Finding a Plac to Keep Hogs

Dick Tells Lum & Abner Chain Letters Illegal

Lum Wants to Start an Un-Chain Letter

Dick Says Hog Chain Letter Should Be OK

Squire to Take Hogs to Chicago

Lum Wants Statue Made in his Honor

Discussion of the Statue

Catalogue from Monument Company

Lum Orders Statue of himself

Squire Rtrns from Chicago w the Chq

Discussing Story of King Midas

Things Go Wrong at Unveiling Ceremony

Lum Missing - Ab & Grandpap Fear Worst

Lum Returns

How to Operate a Picture Show

Cotton Warehouse for Theatre

Lum & Abner Hire Grandpap

Trying to Name New Theater

New Picture Show Costing Alot of Money

Squire Wants to be 3rd Partner in New Theatre

Worring About Squire Starting Rival Theater

Squire's Plans Rival Theatre

Lum & Abner Lose to Squire

Dick to Help Lum & Abner

Advertising Free Matinee for Children

Squire Spreads Rumors About Matinee

Ladies Uplift League Will Boycott Show

Squire Is Breaking the Law

Lum Won't Arrest Squire

Grandpap & Dick Demand Squire's Arrest

Squire Is Upset Over Warrent

Squire Is Tried in Lum's Court

Theater Attracting Big Crowds

Writing Letter of Apology to Squire

Squire Goes to See a Lawyer

Lum & Abner Rcv Lawsuit Notice

Letter Will Become Incriminating Evidence

Abner & Grandpap Break into Squire's Hse

Abner Arrested for Breaking & Entering

Lum Explains Whole Case to Lawyer

Lum Abner & Squire off to Court

Lum Arrives w Important Evidence

Lum Decides to Become a Lawyer

Lawyer Lum Decides It's Time to Retire

Argument Over How to Run Picture Show

Abner Hires Cedric to be Clerk in Store

Abner Believes Lum Ripped him Off

Lum's Theater Burns Down

Lum Forgot to Buy Fire Insurance

Boss Abner Makes Clerk Eddards Life Miserable

Lum Goes into Business with Squire

Lum Has New Bus. Venture w Squire

Selling Shares in Arizona Silver Mine

Everyone Interested in High Society

Discussing Rules of Proper Etiquette

High Society-1st Families of Pine Ridge

They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree

Abner Hates Being in High Society

Plot to Buy the Jot 'em Down Store

Abner Sells Jot 'em Down Store to Snake Hogan

Abner Has Not Been Seen at All

Real Reason Abner Disappeared

Abner Becomes Biggest Society Man of All

Dick Huddleston Skeptical About Silver Mine

Who Are Dixie-Belle & Mary-Jane

Lum & Abner Tired of High Society

Snake Hogan Won't Sell the Jot 'em Down Store

Preparing to Build Rolling Grocery Store

Having Contest to Name New Grocery Store

Squire Wants a Third Interest in the Store

Inspecting the New Rolling Grocery Store

Abner Gets the Rolling Store out of the Blacksmith

Cedric Loads Merchandise into the Store

Squire Goes to Arizona to Sell Silver Mine

The Store's First Day on the Road

Dick is Losing Customers to Rolling Store

Naming o the Store Contest Ends

Stockholders in Silver Mine Upset w Squire

Lum Becomes Proud Owner of Silver Mine

Lum Decides to Buy a Trailer for an Office

Sell the Mine

A Lynch Mob for Abner

Abner Hides in Barn

Stockholders Want Their Money Back

Lum Wants to be a Hero

Kidnapping Abner

Abner's Kidnapping Has the Whole Town Upset

Towns people Will Set a Trap for Kidnappers

Lum Decides to Admit the Whole Thing

Squire Rtrns for Trial w New Business Venture

Operating the Mine on Royalty Basis

Lum Sells All of his Possessions

Lum & Abner Sell Their Circus

Lum & Abner Reconcile

Town of Waters Becomes Pine Ridge

Lum in England & Abner in Chicago

L&A Christmas Story

#240 Lum Escapes from Prison

Women's Assoc. Formed

Lucky Loaf of Bread

Installing Victory Boxes

Lum the Air Raid Warden

Mousey, Airplane Watcher

Strange Happenings At Night

Cedric's License Plates Stolen

Wyer Lum Decides It's Time To Retire