Adventures of Maisie

The Adventures of Maisie (aka Maisie) is a radio comedy series starring Ann Sothern as underemployed entertainer Maisie Ravier, a spin-off of Sothern's successful 19391947 Maisie movie series. The series was heard on CBS Radio, NBC Radio, the Mutual Radio Network, and on Mutual flagship radio station WHN in NYC.

Department Store Sales Girl

Effie & the Professor

Acme Surplus Truck Driver

Next Stop, Niagara Falls

Maisie Ravier, Private Detective

Jerome Schmerzterbreugen vs The Bebopster

Eddie Designs a Suspension Bridge that Goes Nowhere

Sonja, The Smartest Dog in the World

Lord Deveridge & Lady Ravier

Agatha Schlump s Boarding House

Hotel Mercury Night Clerk or Fake Baron & Baroness

All Kinds of Crazy Laws

A Suit for Aiding & Abetting

Bixel s Dept Store Kissing Contest

Maisie the Farmer s Matchmaker

Maisie Bets Joe s Tonsorial Parlor & Shaving Solarium on a Horse

Chester Drake s Phony Love Letter

Stage Door Jasper Caper

Maisie Inherits the Millvale Sentinel

Maisie Wrecks a Wreck & Bags a Bag

Maisie Get the Charity Ball Rolling

Maisie the Moll alias Moytle the Moyderer

Maisie & the Professor

Hazel La Verne

Bill Jones Memories of Maisie w Gene Kelly

Maisie and The Maharani Mix-up

1-Year, 4-Month, 8-Day Anniversary at The Ritz Garden aka 1944-07-29

Maisie the Hollywood Matchmaker

The Orphanage Benefit Speaker Mix-up

Maisie Reforms An Ex-Convict xxx Birthday Gift

Fontaine s Phony Talent Scout Racket

Maisie The Financial Counselor

Maisie Saves the Orphanage

Maisie The Deserted Wife

Maisie & The Dueling Actors

Maisie Sells Restoro Skin-Rejuvenator

Nancy Hummerschlager s Vacation

Spike Romeo McCloskey and The Milk Fund

Wrong #) Maisie s Birthday Present engaged Eddie works in a bank

Maisie & The Dueling Actors

Maisie The Financial Counselor

Maisie as Stand-In for Yvonne DuWitt?, Prima Ballerina

J.C. Higgenbottom and The Overlapping Grip

Maisie Sinks Duke Johnson s Gambling

Maisie & $25,000 The Cover-up

Napoleon s 10,000 Dollar Love Letter

The Wild West Dude Ranch

Merton s Dreams

The Hayfields vs the McCoys

The Fortune Teller

The Newspaper Columnist

Las Vegas

Manganese Gold Mine

Hotel Social Director

Universal Elixar

Indian Guide

1001 Soaps for the Maharajah

Killer Diller

Aunt Hattie

The Spicy Novel

Beatrice Butterfield, Inc

Giant Thursday Island Pink Pearl Bear

The Efficiency Expert

Jimmy Harris for Mayor

The Magic Act

Tex s Oil Stock