Meet the Meeks

Saturday mornings with The Meeks became a household tradition in the late 1940s. Families sat together at 11 a.m. each Saturday to listen as brow-beaten Mortimer Meek, wife Agatha, daughter Peggy and Uncle Louie burst their seams open with laughter. This situation comedy is a continuation of an earlier series, Meet Mr. Meek, which aired from 1940 through 1942.

Should Uncle Louie Marry?

Escort Bureau

Cooking Dinner

Mort's Day of Rest

Theatrical Production

Family Health Diet

House Decorating

Trading Parents

Radio Speech

The Used Car

The Stray Puppy

Charity Bazaar - Selling Cakes

Child Care

Budget or Bust

Socrates Sylvester Fermish

Is Uncle Louis an Heir?

Fighting With New Neighbors

Community Hall Party

Dance Chaperone

Take Peggy to Night-Club

Average American Family

Guarding Package

Drugstore Cowboy

Mortimer A Clothing Dummy for Agatha

My Perfect Family-Louie Runs Away

Political Candidate

Clean-up Week

Fixing Burglar Trap

Aggie's Birthday

Newspaper Article Mix-up

TheTurn-About Party

The French Teacher

Is Peggy Eloping

Planning A Garden

Cellar Flooded

Vacation Plans

Back From Vacation

Over-Due Library Books

The Circus is in Town

Victory Statue

Stolen Car

Company Picnic

Day at Rainbow Lake

Rummage Sale

Radio Contest

Disappearing Pearl Necklace

Grocery Job

The Charity Bazaar

Suitcase in the Locker

Rekindling Romance

Missing Lawnmower

Telephone Partyline Trouble

Aunt Clara's Vase

Copper Candlestick

Meeks Becomes Car Thief

Mysterious Typewriter

Business & Mystery Books

Property Investments

Dinner Party

School Play

Class President Election

Beavers Club

Spending Time at Home

Hope Chest for Peggy

A Peggy Pproblem

Rhumba Lesson & Secret Portrait

Checkers Contest

Invisible Boyfriend

Who Bought the Bowling Ball

What is a Philanthropist

Second Cousins Twice Removed