Molle Mystery Theater

The sponsor of this show, Sterling Drugs, makers of Molle Shave Cream, used it as a vehicle for advertising. In over a decade, the show went through several incarnations, beginning first as Molle Mystery Theater, then simply Mystery Theater in '48, as Sterling emphasized Bayer Aspirin and Phillips Milk of Magnesia. Several versions were broadcast in the early 50s,

Homicide for Hannah

Criminal at Large

Death Talks out of Turn

Fifty Candles

Comic Strip Murder

The Dilemma


A Crime to Fit the Punishment

The Bottle Imp

The Man in the Velvet Hat

The Letter

Deadline at Dawn

Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper

The Man Who Murdered in Public

The Eleventh Juror

Cask of Amontillado

Lady in the Morgue

The Level Crossing

The Beckoning Fair One


The Gioconda Smile


Angel Face

A Death Is Caused

Leg Man

Ghost with the Gun

Who Took the Corpse

Not Quite Perfect

Ladies in Retirement

Burn, Witch, Burn

Mathematics for Murder

Beautiful Silence

Last Night

Red Wine

Alibi for Murder

The Creeper

Murder in the City Hall

Night Must Fall

Follow That Cab

The Doctor and the Lunatic

Murder Without Crime

The Further Adventures of Kenny Andrews

Killer, Come Back to Me

Witness for the Prosecution

Female of the Species

Adventure of the Fallen Angels

The Hands of Dr Ottermoll

St Louis Woman

Two Men in a Furnished Room

The Rival Dummy

Radio Patrol

Angel Face

Corpus Delicti

The Bride Wore Black

Triangle of Death

Kenny 'Angles' Andrews Returns

The Double-Cross

Talk Them to Death

Challenge to the Listener

Goodbye Darling

Death Wears a Mask

Death Goes Shopping

Zelma's Boy

Now You See Her, Now You Don't

The Four Fatal Jugglers

Two Men in a Furnished Room

The Betrayer

Make No Mistake

Close Shave

Solo Performance