Murder at Midnight

Murder at Midnight was an old-time radio show featuring macabre tales of suspense, often with a supernatural twist. It was produced in New York and was syndicated beginning in 1946. The show's writers included Robert Newman, Joseph Ruscoll, Max Ehrlich and William Norwood, and it was directed by Anton M. Leder.

The Dead Hand

Man Who Was Death

The Secret of XR3

Wherever I Go

Trigger Man

Death's Goblet

The Heavy Death


The Dead Come Back

Terror Out Of Space

The Creeper

The Man Who Died Yesterday

Till Death Do Us Part

Murder Is A Lonely Business

The House Where Death Lived

The Cabala

The Ace of Death

The House that Time Forgot

Death Tolls a Requiem

The Thirteenth Floor

The Line Is Dead

The Black Swan

Island of the Dead

Death Across the Board

Murder out of Mind

Death Worshipper