Philip Marlowe

Philip Marlowe was like many hardboiled detectives at the time, he could take a punch to the face and still have a stinging comeback. He was also morally upright, liked classical music and played chess. In all, there were 7 Philip Marlowe novels published all of which have been adapted to film or radio.

The Big Sleep 1

The Big Sleep 2

The Big Sleep 3

The High Window 1

The High Window 2

Lady In the Lake 1

Lady in the Lake 2

Lady in the Lake 3

The Little Sister 1

The Little Sister 2

The Little Sister 3

The Long Goodbye 1

The Long Goodbye 2

The Long Goodbye 3

Farewell My Lovely 1

Farewell My Lovely 2

Who Shot Waldo

The Red Wind

King in Yellow

Trouble Is My Business

The Red Wind

The Persian Slippers

The Panama Hat

Where There's a Will

The Heart of Gold

The Hard Way Out

The Old Acquaintance

The Restless Day

The Black Halo

The Orange Dog

The Easy Mark

The Long Rope

The Lonesome Reunion

Friend from Detroit

Grim Hunters

The Dancing Hands

The Green Flame

The Last Laugh

Name to Remember

The Heat Wave

Cloak of Kamehameha

Lady in Mink

Feminine Touch

The Promise to Pay

Night Tide

The Ebony Link

The Unfair Lady

The Pigeons Blood

The Busy Body

The Key Man

Dude from Manhattan

The Headless Peacock

The Mexican Boat Ride

The August Lion

The Indian Giver

The Lady Killer

The Eager Witness

The Bum's Rush

Rushton Hickory

The Baton Sinister

The Fatted Calf

The Tail of the Mermaid

The Open Window

The Strangle Hold

The Smokeout

The Green Witch

The Fine Italian Hand

The Birds on the Wing

The Kid on the Corner

The Little Wishbone

The House That Jacqueline Built

The Torch Carriers

The Covered Bridge

The Bid for Freedom

The Hairpin Turn

The Long Arm

The Grim Echo

The Ladies Night

The Big Step

The Monkey's Uncle

The Vital Statistic

The Deep Shadow

The Sword of Cebu

The Man on the Roof

The Anniversary Gift

The Angry Eagle

The High Collared Cape

The Sea Horse Jockey

The Hiding Place

Cloak of Kamehameha

The Fox's Tail

The Bedside Manners

The Uneasy Head

Face to Forget

Golden Cobra

The Pelican's Roost

The Girl from Pitchfork Corners

The Iron Coffin

The Last Wish

The Glass Donkey

The Parrot's Bed

The Quiet Magpie

The Dark Tunnel

The Collector's Item

The Soft Spot

The Fifth Mask

The Final Payment

The White Carnation

The Big Book

The Seaside Sabbatical

The Dear, Dead Days

Life Can Be Murder

Good Neighbor Policy

The Long Way Home

Young Man's Fancy

Heir for G-String (rehearsal)

Heir for G-String

Nether Nether Land (rehearsal)

Nether Nether Land

The Medium Was Rare

Sound and the Unsound