Planet Man

This is the fascinating story of Dantro, The Planet Man, troubleshooter for the League of Planets organization, the law enforcement body for peace and justice in the celestial world -- whose headquarters and center of operations are situated on the capital of all planets, Planteria Rex. From Mercury to Pluto, where ever danger threatens the universe, you will find Dantro the Planet Man fighting for fair play. The Planet Man was a juvenile science ficton series of the 1950's transcribed and syndicated by Palladium Radio Productions. The stories are campy and predictable, but silly fun none the less. Good for a laugh or for bedtime stories for younger listeners.

Orbit the Moon

Cosmic Communicator

Marston to Attack Earth

Discussing Marston

Kidnapping Order

Billy and Jane Need Help

Hoping for a Miracle

Billy and Jane in Ship

Three D Dantro

Marston Dead

On a Scout Ship

Preparing to Blast Off

Discussing Venus

Captured by the Dusters

Captives on Venus

Back to the Prison Cell

Dantro, Help Us

Plot to Destroy Venus

Venus Minister - Traitor

Encounter with Pirates

Pirates Attack Dantro

Alarm Alerts Pirates

Slick and Blackie

An Ancient Space Ship

Searching for Asteroid

Trying to Find Dantro

Searching for Planeteer

Planeteer Spotted

Prospector Finds Billy

Uranium on Asteroid

Surrounded by Mines

Where's the Kids

Judge's Problem

Strange Goings On

Dantro Controlled

Slat Is Fed Up

Slats Tricks Dantro

Marston Has Communicator

Marston's Spy Ring

Hunt for the Ancients

Encountering New Race

Sun and Toor Watching

Beings from Libra

Sulfur Breather Being

Must Obey Zen

Klee Will Use Dantro

Astrodrive Broken

Slats Suspicious

Touring Mardee

Council Denies Request

Secret Council

Firing Squad

Trying to Save Judge

Gaza Talking to Marston

Dantro Goes to Alpha

Barrow's Expedition

Crash Landing

Space Ship Graveyard

Slats Headed for Death

Contacting the Mardee

Insect Planet

Destroy the Generator

Dantro Frees Prisoners

Fighting Insect Men

New Adventure Begins

A Robot Civilization

Transporter to Orientor

Robot 012 Takes Over

Who Is Robot T21

Will T21 Help Dantro

Slats Looking for Dantro

Days Before Overthrow

Dantro and T21 Joined

Can Slats Control Jet

Death Coming Closer

End of Adventure