Red Horse Ranch

Foreman Alabam', Tenderfoot, Idaho, Arizona, Cookie and Tex are the hired hands on the Red Horse Ranch, working and singing hard for Dad Carter.

First Tune - The Big Corral

First Tune - I Ride an Old Paint

First Tune - Oh! Susanna

First Tune - His Trademarks

First Tune Is a Square Dance

First Tune - Rye Whiskey

First Tune - Goodbye Old Paint

First Tune - The Yodeling Ranger

First Tune - Turnip Greens

First Tune - I Had a Gal and Her Name was Sue

Alabam Is Wondering Who Shot the Gun

Rose Talks with Her Father

First Tune - The Old Gray Mare

First Tune - Turkey in the Straw

Alabam Is Hurt While Riding Red

Alabam Is Recovering from His Accident

First Tune - Down in Arkansas

First Tune - The Big Corral

First Tune - Night Herding Song

Alabam and Tenderfoot Are Guarding the Herd

First Tune - The Old Texas Trail

Mr Carter's in Desperate Straits with Half the Herd Gone

First Tune - Grandma

The Sheriff Comes to Collect on the Red Horse Ranch Debt

First Tune - I Like Mountain Music

Cookie and Arizona Reminisce About the Women They've Known

Alabam Makes A Wonderful Discovery

Alabam And Tenderfoot Ride Into Danville

Exciting Times At The Ranch

Alabam Is Knocked Out At The Saloon

Alabam Returns To The Ranch

The Boys Save The Herd

Alabam Insists That Something Will Save The Ranch

The Sale Of The Herd Will Help The Ranch

Red Jumped The Fence

The Boys Bring Back The Cattle That Were Stolen

Alabam And A Stranger Talked At The Dance

Alabam Thinks There's Oil On The Ranch

Trigger Dawson Had A Boy Living With Him

Dewey Dawson Comes To The Red Horse Ranch

The Rest Of The Boys Don't Like Dewey Dawson

Dewey Dawson Is Going To Stay At The Ranch

Tenderfoot Is In Love With Rose Carter

Tenderfoot Leaves The Ranch

The Rodeo Is Coming To Danville

It's A Big Day At The Rodeo

All The Folks Still At The Danville Rodeo

Alabam's Horse Lost The First Race At The Danville Rodeo

It's The Last Horse Race at the Danville Rodeo

Everyone Returns Home After A Week At The Rodeo

Dewey Wins The Friendship Of The Gang

Two Outlaws Escape Jail

An Attempt Is Made To Kidnap Dewey Dawson

Dewey Dawson Is Missing

Trigger Dawson Gave Dewey A Locket

First Tune - Little Green Valley

First Tune - The Old Wishing Well

First Tune - Hallalujah, I'm A Bum

First Tune - It's Heck To Bum in Texas When It Rains

The Boys Search for Trigger Dawson's Loot

Trigger Dawson Hid His Loot

First Song - Turkey In The Straw

Alabam And The Gang Follow A Map

Alabam And The Gang Find The Loot