Six Shooter

Britt Ponsett was a laid-back cowboy drifter who found himself in all kinds of situations from comical to dangerous. Stewart was the perfect choice for the title character alternately portraying the character's easy attitude and the stress of the tense situations with the emotion in his voice.

Audition Program


The Coward

The Stampede

Silver Annie

Rink Larkin

Red Lawson's Revenge

Ben Scofield

The Capture Of Stacy Gault

Escape From Smoke Falls

Gabriel Starbuck

Sheriff Billy

A Pressing Engagement

More Than Kin

Britt Poncett's Christmas Caro

Cora Plummer Quincy

A Friend In Need

Hiram's Gold Strike

The Silver Buckle

Helen Bricker

Trail To Sunset

Apron Faced Sorrel

Quiet City

Battle At Tower Rock

Cheyenne Express

Thicker Than Water

Duel At Lockwood

Aunt Emma

General Guilford's Widow

Crisis At Easter Creek

Johnny Springer

Revenge at Harness Creek

Anna Norquest

The Double Seven

The Shooting Of Wyatt King

Blood Relations

Silver Threads

The New Sheriff

When The Shoe Doesn't Fit

Myra Barker