What began as a new series frankly dedicated to your horrification and entertainment took on a life of its own mostly due to the talents of some outstanding producers and adaptations and original stories from the cream of mystery writers of the time. The golden age of radio was truly the golden age of SUSPENSE as show after show broadcast outstanding plays which were calculated to intrigue...stir [the] nerves.

Blue Eyes

Youll Never See Me Again

Hunting Trip

Til The Day I Die

Statement Of Employee Henry Wilson

Three Times Murder

A Plain Case Of Murder

Man Who Thought He Was E G Robinson

Dame Fortune

Lazarus Walks

Easy Money

The One Who Got Away


Strange Death Of Gordon Fitzroy

House In Cypress Canyon

They Call Me Patrice

Thing In The Window

Philomel Cottage

Tree of Life

The Will To Power

Overture In Two Keys

One Way Street

Three Blind Mice

End Of The Road

The 13th Sound

Always Room At The Top

Three Faces At Midnight


You Take Ballistics

Swift Rise Of Eddie Albright

Community Property

Green Eyed Monster

Win Place And Murder

Lady In Distress

Dead Ernest

Death At Live Oak

Knight Comes Riding

A Thing Of Beauty

Make Mad The Guilty


Dead Of Night


Money Talks

Murder By The Book

Murder By An Expert


Quiet Desperation


Murder Aboard The Alphabet

Double Ugly

Argyle Album

The Twist

The Visitor

The Blue Hour

The Story Of Markhams Death

The Man Who Liked Dickens

Self Defense

The X-Ray Camera


Dream Song


The Pit and The Pendulum

The Clock and The Rope

The Man Who Couldnt Lose

Too Little To Live On

The Black Curtain

The Kandy Tooth

Loves Lovely Counterfeit


Donovans Brain

The Lodger

Beyond Reason

House By The River

In A Lonely Place


Wet Saturday-August Heat

Night Must Fall