Vic and Sade

Vic and Sade was an American radio program created and written by Paul Rhymer. It was regularly broadcast on radio from 1932 to 1944, then intermittently until 1946, and was briefly adapted to television in 1949 and again in 1957.

Vics Wide Brimmed Hat

The Royal Throne Barbershop

Mr Gumpox Blows Kisses

Ruthie Has Secrets

Mr Sludge Calls His Mother

A Letter To Walter

Mr Gumpox Offers Sade a Stall

Sade Volunteers Rush for a Pageant

Vics Christmas Card List

Vics Geographical Trip

Office Work at Home - Magnifying Glass


Rush Tenders His Resignations

Mr Donahue Asks for a Demotion

Vegetable Garden

Gumpox vs Donahue

RJ Konks Improved Portrait

YY Flirch Elected Best Looking Man

Mr Donahue Gets a Promotion

Rushs Good Looks

Deep Currents of School Life

A Letter From Aunt Bess - Grocery List

Smelly Clarks Big Date

Vic Fakes the Cornet

No Trip to Chicago

Painted Portrait of Big Dipper

Sade Muses on Her Friendship with Mis Scott

Rush Makes a Call on a Girl

Can Blue-tooth Sue the Bijou

Smelly Makes a Speech

Tearing Down a Three-storey Brick Building

Smelly Clarks Christmas Presents

Rush Is Getting on in Years

June Christmas Card Pressure

Sades Trip to Dwight

Congress and The Supreme Court

Official Host

Rotten Davis Telephones

Sades New Luggage

The Davises Are Asleep Upstairs

Grandpa Snyders Christmas Cards

YY Flirch Tries to Call

A Porch Collapses

Two Tons of Coal

Preselected School Clothes

Vics New Hat

Lodge Regalia Out on Loan

Flower Garden Arranger

Mr Ericksons House Repairs

Speaking Acquaintances

Decoration Day Parade

Double Feature in Hopewood

Five Christmas Card Salesmen

Blue-tooth Under the Davenport

Charleys Fish Snapshot

Razorscums Photograph Album

Bacon Sandwiches

- Sleepers Beware - Rush

Hot Soup

Man Caught in a Revolving Door

Nicer the Goader

Mr Chinbunny Wants to Smoke Cigars - Rush

Hank Gutstop is Healthy

Last Day of School

Mr Sludge to Sleep Overnight

Nicer to Sleep over for Two Weeks

Miltons Dirt in Fruit Jars

Vics Heart-shaped Face

Engine Cab Ride to Chicago

Working on Hank Gutstops Debts - Rush

Vics Picture Not In Quarterly

Mis Scott Getting Too Chummy

A Bijou Lifetime Pass

A Letter From Aunt Bess - 1937

Howard Has a New Harness

HK Fleebers Forty-eight Teeth

Hanks Two-hundred Dollar Wardrobe

Ice Cream and Salted Peanuts at Midnight

Mis Appelrot Rearranges The Furniture

Vics Photograph With RJ Konk

Death of Bernice

A Very Pleasant Noon Hour

The All-Star Marching Team

Mr Ruebush Has to Wait

Beautiful Beautiful Wallpaper

Wallpapering at Midnight

Landladys Photos

Fred Considers Joining the Lodge

A Manual For Wives of Sky Brothers

Uncle Fletcher To Meet One OClock Train

Ladies Auxiliary Marching Team

Marching Team Pictures

Mis Keller to Join the Thimble Club

Muddled Shopping Money

Hanks Weather Service

Rush Wants His Interest


Mr Breeps Birthday Dinner

Sweet Dreams Mr Donahue

Five Dollars For Shopping

Forty Pounds of Golf Clubs

Fourteen Days in Grovelman

Vic Wins a Broad-brimmed Hat

Vics Picture on Quarterly Cover

Mr Erickson Gives the House as a Gift

Exalted Big Dipper Day

Souvenirs and Mementos

Door Stops

The Key Collection

A Phone Call from Homer U McDancy

Bulletin Board Monitor

Uncle Fletcher Telephones Aunt Bess

The Hammock

Grand Old Lady

Letter Writing Plot

Whos Who In Kitchenware

Uncle Fletchers Easy Chair

Freds Concrete Partition

A Man In The House

Christmas Presents For The Boss

Uncle Fletcher Cleans House

Bright Kentucky Hotel Speaker

Sades Surprise Gift - Washrags

Its Algebra Uncle Fletcher

Freds Tires

Cornet Lessons

Broken Alarm Clocks

Sades Surprise Gift - Slippers

Vics Christmas Gift List

A Miserable Object of Public Ridicule

Car Ride To Chenoa

Playing Hooky

Winnie and her man

The Bottom Buffet Drawer

Christmas Shopping for Mr Buller

North Dakota River Bottom Revel

Christmas Present Money

Stacey Yop and Doctor Sockers


Uncle Fletchers Trip to Dixon

Fred Will Budget For Vic

The Prize Clock

Hank Gutstop Hostess

Edith Suggins Visit

Uncle Fletchers Room is Being Painted

Rawhide Shoestrings

Donahues Doorbell

First to Put up the Porch Swing

Accounting for Spondulicks

The Room Warming

Tornado Gook

A Letter from Aunt Bess - Uncle Fletcher

Little Tiny Petite Pheasant Feather Tea Shoppy

Mis Appelrots Petition

The Scrap Drive

Gravy Boat

Mentioned in Dispatches

A Letter from Aunt Bess - Sleepy

A Gross Of Gravels

Sades Christmas Cards

Rush Treats Sade to the Movies

Cleaning the Attic

Rushs School Clothes

Sade and Ruthie Come Out Even

The Silent March

Cherry Phosphates

Mayor Wants to Joins the Lodge

Freds Concrete Floor

Christmas Suggestions for the Boss

Smelly Cuts Rushs Hair

Miss Neagel Tears Up Lee Street

Going to Carberry

Lodge Speech Rehearsal

Mr Chinbunny Eats Ice Cream

The Thunder Storm

Vics Inspection Tour

Washrag Collection

Honorary Titles

Fred Considers Joining the Lodge

Robert and Slobert Call Long Distance

Dotties Letter From Chuck

Leland Richards is Coming

Leland Richards is Homesick

Vic Entertains Dottie

Chuck and Dottie Wash Dishes

Appelrot Picks on Dottie

Brainfeebles House Warming

Dotties New Dress

Front Porch Swing

Gumpoxs Lodge Regalia

Changes to the Regalia

Picking Up Vic in Freds Car

Fifty Photos of Vic

Russell Tenders His Resignations

A Letter From Aunt Bess - Sewing Buttons

Victor R Gook Fontonelle

Honorary Lodge Member

Thimble Club Meeting

Watch Fob Collection

Essay on Birds

Eight Million Jobs

Stingyberry Jam

Uncle Fletchers Packing Problems

Ike Kneesuffers Snapshots

Carribean Dream Flute

Christmas Suggestions for the Boss

A Garbage Wagon Pass

Sweet Esther Wisconsin

Cleaning the Bookcase

The Color of Gumpoxs Eyes

Invoice Preparations

Vic Sleeping On the Couch

Missouri State Home for the Tall

Sixty Pairs of Pants

Sleepers Beware - Russell

The History of Plant Number Fourteen

Hank Gutstop Throws a Party

Hank Gutstops Proposition

Vics Cancelled Trip

Mysterious Skulkers

Ted Stembottom

Hyena Grease

The Solo March

BB Baugh and the New Dentist

Lodge Holiday Visits

Lolita di Rienzis Suggestion

Mr Chinbunny Wants to Smoke Cigars - Russell

Elk Skin Shoelaces

The Lunges Are Coming

Professor Russell

Prettiest Eye Contest

Deadmans Trick

A Letter from Aunt Bess - Listen Please

Piercing Blue Eyes

Five-hundred Bijou Tickets

No More Pretty Boy

Rishigan Fishigans Secret

Sade Beats The Christmas Card Rap

Lodge Telescope

Thimble Club Bazaar

Uncle Fletcher Gets a Job Offer

A Letter From Mr Buller

War Bond Visitor

Russell Stays with Milton Welch

Sade Plays Rummy

Visiting Dignitaries

Where to Hide the Ritual

A Letter from Yellow Jump

A Collection of Personal Treasures

Dont Scrape Off The Watts

A Phone Call from Yellow Jump

Uncle Fletcher Miffed with Sade

Sade Short Changed

Summer Maneuvers

A Sale at Yamiltons

Uncle Fletchers New Lodging

Uncle Fletcher Talks Business

Robert and Slobert Are Scoundrels

Mr Donahue Hates Vacations

Sade Pleads to See a Movie

Vics Foreign Accent

Garbage Box Mystery

Hank Cuts His Debt to Vic

Rotten Old Overshoes

Sade Asks Vic To Evict Mr Overholt

Russell Reminisces about the Old Days

Vic is Boss for a Day

Vic and Russell Fix Their Own Dinner

Russell in Charge of Howard

Mr Gumpox Has Lost His Dentures

Sade Struggles with a Letter

Uncle Fletcher Rests Body and Brain

Uncle Fletcher Prolongs His Stay

Vacation from a Vacation

A Dandy Picture of Vic

Arranging the Honeymoon

Out of Town Wedding Guests

Money Owed Sade

Muted Silver Moonbeam Chimes

The Wedding Present

Vics Business Trip

Honeymoon Guide

Freds Car Repairs

A Letter from Aunt Bess - Ham Ham

Working on Hank Gutstops Debts - Russell

The Wedding Ring

Vics Greeting Cards

Vic to be Best Man

Reverend V Cook

Groom Arriving

Vics Unheard News

Saving Blue-tooth from Tragedy

A Box of Letters

Groom Disappears

A Dun From Kleeburgers

Bright-eyed and Eager

The Stillness of an Afternoon is Broken - Russell

Unwanted Samaritan

Corkles Borrow a Cup of Sugar

Jimmy Custard

Sleeping In The Courthouse Yard

Sweetcorn McBlock

Parade of Interruptions

Uncle Fletcher Arranges Phone Calls

Dwight Twentysixlers Scrapbook

A Slow Dull Tiresome Evening

Orville Wheeney Gets Fired

Mis Harris And Dwight Are Engaged

Rainy Day Fun

Sacred Stars Convention

The Piano Lesson

Womans auxiliary

Vic the Irish Policeman

Midsummer Madness

Moving to Peoria

L Vogel Drum

The Honeymoon Couple

Sade and Mis Kesler Fight

Pre-arranged Meals

Uncle Fletchers Landlady Farming Him Out

Mr Z Moves In

August Invoices