World Adventurers Club

The World Adventurers Club is probably as close as we’ll come to getting close to many of the figures of history and literature. This fascinating series takes the form of the regular meetings of a club of globe-trotting explorers, scientists, agents provocateur and soldiers of fortune. When not escaping from headhunters or surviving arctic blizzards, the adventurers like nothing better than hearing a good story told by one of their number. Just as serial heroes would probably relive their adventures with their peers, these guys spin each other yarns from their most recent expeditions to the nether parts of the globe. Following each hackle-raising tale, the gang gathers round the piano for a rousing sing-along. The show ran in 1932.

Papua Escape

The Manchurian Limited

Pancho Villa's Treasure

The Borneo Diamond

The Frozen North

Land Of Doomed Souls

Land Of Death

Land Of Darkness

Land Of The Black Hand

India, The Mystery Land

The Tattooed Rose

Norway's Luck

The Elephant's Graveyard

The Living Shroud

The Treasure Hunt

Hidden Fangs

The Fire Dog

The Black White Man

Grains Of Death

Hairy Wild Man

Malay Madness

The Pale Flame

Storm On The Sea

The Fawn


Mukin In The Khyber

The Madonna's Tear

Dead Men Walk

Living Mummy

Mad Monk Of Ankor Wat


The Continental Express