You Are There

You Are There is a great early radio program that not only entertained but educated the listener. Reported in first person the show places you the listener back into history to experience history as it unfolded. Reported live you will hear history take place in exciting recreations of histories greatest moments.

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The Burr - Hamilton Duel

The Last Day of Pompeii

The Surrender of Sitting Bull

Ann Hutchinsons Trial

The First Battle of Bull Run

Columbus Discovers America

The Trial of Marie Antoinette

The Election of Thomas Jefferson

Mutiny in the Colonial Army

Toussaint Louverture Liberates Haiti

Colonel Johnson Eats the Love Apple

The Trial of John Peter Zenger

The Battle of Hastings

The Ordeal of Savonarola

The Rise of Alexander the Great - Peace Offer

The Rise of Alexander the Great - Battle for Asia

The Rise of Alexander the Great - Mutiny in India

The Okalahoma Land Run

Perrys Dash to the North Pole

Napoleon Returns from Elba

The Siege of Leiden - Holland

The Trial of Burr


New Amsterdam

Charge of the Light Brigade

Stamp Act Rebellion


William Penn Trial

Womens Rights