The Beverly Hillbillies

A nouveau riche hillbilly family moves to Beverly Hills and shakes up the privileged society with their hayseed ways.

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The Clampetts Strike Oil

A rural Ozark family relocates to Beverly Hills after oil is discovered on their property worth $25 million. After finding oil on the land, the family is surprised when Mr. Brewster (Frank Wilcox) of the OK Oil Company offers to buy it. After much coaxing by Cousin Pearl (Bea Benaderet), Jed (Buddy Ebsen) sells the swamp and moves the family to a mansion in Beverly Hills. Upon their arrival, they are arrested because of a case of mistaken identity but are later returned to the mansion safely.

Getting Settled

The rough-hewn Clampetts are mistaken for servants as they try to adapt to their new environment.

Meanwhile Back At The Cabin

Jane Hathaway finds that making the Clampetts more sophisticated will be harder than expected, while Pearl Bodine tries to get the attention of Mr. Brewster.

The Clampetts Meet Mrs Drysdale

Mr. Drysdale tries furiously to make the Clampetts more acceptable to his socially-conscious wife.

Jed Buys Stock

Upon Mr. Drysdale's advice to buy good stock, Jed purchases cows, pigs, and chickens to raise.

Trick or Treat

The homesick Clampetts decide to go door-to-door meeting their Beverly Hills neighbors, not knowing it is Halloween.

The Servants

Yet another Drysdale attempt to "reform" the Clampetts goes awry when he tries to loan his servants to the hard-working family.

Jethro Goes to School

The headmistress (Eleanor Audley) of an exclusive private school for boys is astonished to find the teenaged Jethro enrolled in her fifth grade.

Elly's First Date

Misunderstandings abound as the spoiled college student Sonny Drysdale attempts to woo Elly May, only to flee to his mother in the end. Louis Nye guests as Sonny Drysdale.

Pygmalion and Elly

Sonny resumes his high-class courtship of Elly May, by playing Julius Caesar and Pygmalion.

Elly Races Jethrine

The Clampetts try to get Sonny to propose to Elly May, as Cousin Pearl steps up her efforts to get Jasper Depew to marry her daughter Jethrine.

The Great Feud

The Clampett clan takes great offense when Sonny Drysdale jilts Elly May, and they start a feud with the Drysdales to avenge their kinfolk's honor.

Home for Christmas

The Clampetts return home to the hills to celebrate Christmas, where Cousin Pearl is still trying to win Mr. Brewster's hand in marriage.

No Place Like Home

Back in the hills, the Clampetts aid Cousin Pearl in her efforts to get hitched to Brewster.

Jed Rescues Pearl

Jed and Mr. Brewster contrive to end Cousin Pearl's pursuit of the oil man with his public surprise proposal.

Back to Californy

Upon returning to Beverly Hills, Granny and Pearl spar over who is the woman of the house.

Jed's Dilemma

As the Granny-Pearl feud continues, Jed tries to calm things down by taking a sightseeing tour of Beverly Hills.

Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage

When his wife is away, Mr. Drysdale requests a female member of the Clampett family to perform housekeeping duties for him.

Elly's Animals

Many animals and even the police respond to the unique sounds from Pearl's yodeling lessons.

Jed Throws a Wingding

Two of Pearl's most ardent former suitors come to visit her in Beverly Hills.

Jed Plays Solomon

Granny calls the police in an attempt to stop Pearl's incessant yodeling, but her plan backfires when the officers discover her still. Eddie Dean portrayed a police officer.

Duke Steals a Wife

Duke, the Clampetts' bloodhound, uses his animal magnetism to draw Jed and a Frenchwoman together.

Jed Buys The Freeway

A conman gives Jed a bargain when he offers to sell Griffith Park, the Hollywood Bowl, and the freeway to the millionaire.

Jed Becomes a Banker

When a rival bank challenges him to a skeet shoot, Mr. Drysdale has no choice but to enlist the sharpshooting skills of Jed by making him a bank vice president.

The Family Tree

A prominent genealogist finds evidence that Jed's ancestors came to America prior to the arrival of the Mayflower.

Granny's Spring Tonic

A fortune hunter sets her sights on Jed. Guest star: Lola Albright.

Jed Pays His Income Tax

Jed and Granny are suspicious of a tax collector from the IRS.

The Clampetts and the Dodgers

After playing golf with Jethro, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Leo Durocher wants to sign him as a pitcher.

Duke Becomes a Father

Duke and Jed become reacquainted with their French lady friends.

The Clampetts Entertain

After securing the Clampett account, Mr. Drysdale is in line for a pay raise.

The Clampetts in Court

It's a case of one man's word against another as the Clampetts are accused of reckless driving in court.

The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed

A psychiatrist may have bitten off more than he can chew when he starts treating Jethro.

The Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted

The psychiatrist shows great interest in Granny's home remedies for various ailments.

Elly Becomes A Secretary

Believing he needs their help, the Clampetts volunteer to work at Mr. Drysdale's bank.

Jethro's Friend

Jethro's friend Armstrong enjoys the less rigid lifestyle he encounters during a visit to the Clampett mansion.

Jed Get the Misery

Jed pretends to be sick so that Granny can get to doctoring and feel more at home. Mr Drysdale and his physician get pulled into the ploy and Granny's mountain medicine is put to the test by a city doctor.

Hair-Raising Holiday

Granny's unlicenced medical practice draws the attention of the authorities.

Granny's Garden

The Clampetts decide to plow up their carefully manicured front lawn, to grow vegetables.

The Clampett Look

The Clampetts unwittingly become the pioneers of a fashion style that everybody who's everybody is wearing.

Jethro's First Love

Jethro develops feelings for an exotic dancer named Chickadee (Barbara Nichols), and brings her home to meet the folks.

Chickadee Returns

As marriage seemingly draws nearer, Jethro discovers a deal-breaking secret about Chickadee: she can't cook.

The Clampetts Are Overdrawn

An unemployed actor named J.D. Clampett benefits from a paperwork mixup at the bank, becoming $36 million richer.

The Clampetts Go Hollywood

Newly-discovered cousin Jake Clampett decides that the hillbillies should act more like Hollywood movie stars

Turkey Day

Jed and Granny want to have some turkey for Thanksgiving, but Elly May has other ideas.

The Garden Party

The guests at Mrs. Drysdale's garden party get a surprise when the Clampetts show up.

Elly Needs a Maw

Jed begins searching for a wife, who he hopes will be able to turn Elly May into a young lady.

The Clampetts Get Culture

Mr. Drysdale's efforts to prove to the Clampetts that Beverly Hills is really the place for them to be only makes matters worse.

Christmas At The Clampetts

A television, a boat, and a chimpanzee are among the many gifts Mr. Drysdale gives to the Clampetts for Christmas.

The Giant Jackrabbit

An escaped kangaroo reported by Granny as an oversized jackrabbit leads the others to suspect she has had too much moonshine.

The Girl From Home

Some old love letters from Jethro lead a mountain man and his daughter (Muriel Landers) to Beverly Hills.

The Race for Queen

Elly May enters a Beverly Hills beauty pageant, but may have to face competition from Granny.