Meet Corliss Archer

Ann Baker stars as perky teenager Corliss Archer, in this well-made syndicated sitcom of the mid-50s. Despite being the title character, Corliss was not always the central character, in the various stories, which depicted, in humorous fashion, the daily problems, stresses, and ups and downs of a typical American family, in a typical American neighborhood.

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Christmas Story

In the midst of preparations for the big day, through a series of unfortunate events, Corliss and Dexter make quite a mess of the Archers' tree and decorations, while Janet is determined to find her present that Harry has hidden.

Money Matters

Suddenly feeling the pressures of inflation, Harry initiates a plan to cut back on household expenses, that turns out to be even more costly than before.

Dexter's Surprise Party

One coincidence leads to another, when Corliss and Dexter - After they see Harry hiding Dexter's birthday presents in a closet, in the Archer home - Get the mistaken impression that Harry is a kleptomaniac.

The Fortune Teller

After Corliss, Dexter, and Janet are duped by a phony clairvoyant, Harry enlists Dexter's help in exposing the fraudulent soothsayer.

Harry, Child Psychiatrist

In an effort to teach their kids the benefits of saving for the future, Harry and Bill make a deal with Corliss and Dexter, to match their earnings, dollar-for-dollar.

Harry's Diet

With a friend's wedding only 5 days away, and having gained a few pounds since he last wore his cutaway suit, Harry bets that he can lose enough weight to get back into it, in time to attend the ceremony.

Janet Goes To College

After Corliss and Harry encourage her to take some college courses, Janet flatly refuses, on the grounds that she's much too busy running a household to make time for them. But, she changes her mind, after Harry indicates that housework isn't as tough as it looks, and she and Mary decide to teach their men a lesson, by leaving them, and Corliss and Dexter in charge, while they go for a formal education

The New Neighbors

Dexter and the Archers, though well-meaning, make the Wilsons' first day in their new home quite an unpleasant experience.

Harry Gives Advice

After Dexter and his friends agree to donate a month's allowance to charity, Corliss must resign herself to 'moneyless' dates. Then, Harry suggests that - Until Dexter is back in the money - Corliss be the one to pay for their dates. But his idea backfires, when it starts a trend, with the rest of the girls in the neighborhood

Miffy's Overnight Painting

After the Franklins contract with an old gentleman to have the interior of their house painted, the Archers offer them a place to stay, until the paint dries. But too much closeness causes them to get on one another's nerves, and, when tempers flare, Corliss and Dexter work up a plan to get them to reconcile.

Harry The Dictator

After being branded a 'dictator', Harry turns the Archer household into a Democracy, but soon finds himself on the short end of the majority. Then, after Dexter is incorporated into the family, both Harry and Corliss 'lobby' for his vote.

Dexter The Director

Dexter is chosen to direct the annual Student/Family play, and gets himself into quite a touchy situation, when it comes to casting the lead roles.

How To Handle Women

After Corliss and Dexter break up, Harry and Janet try to give the heartbroken Dexter some advice on how to handle the situation, each relating - Through some rather exaggerated flashbacks - Their own versions of how they handled a similar situation during their courtship.

Harry The Photographer

Determined to save money, and to prove to Bill Franklin that he's as good as a professional photographer, Harry tries his hand at making his own family portrait, with disappointing results.


Disaster ensues, when Harry and Bill - Despite their original resolution not to interfere - Insist on helping Corliss and Dexter with their pet project: The construction of a new boat.

Pain In The Neck

Convinced that his stiff neck is caused by some kind of psychological condition, Harry studies up on psychiatry, and diagnoses not only his own condition, but comes to the conclusion that Janet, Corliss, and Dexter also have psychological problems, and offers his advice on how to cure them.

Personality Test

When a personality test from a magazine supposedly makes her incompatible with Dexter, Corliss decides to end their relationship. After unsuccessfully trying to make Corliss jealous, the heartbroken Dexter has decided to give up, until Harry and Janet cooperate in a spur-of-the-moment plan to get them back together.

President of the Garden Club

After Janet and Mary nominate each other for election to the recently-vacated position of President of their local garden club, friction between the Archers and the Franklins causes tempers to flare. But the ex-President quite unintentionally winds up solving the problem for both sides.

Harry and the Soap Opera Queen

The Archers buy 2 additional TV sets, when Harry begins to miss his favorite programs, due first, to Corliss's and Dexter's addicition to a soap opera, then to Janet's obsession with a cooking show.