Dangerous Assignment

The Commissioner sent US Special Agent Steve Mitchell to exotic locales where he encounters adventure and international intrigue, all played out using extreme violence.

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The Art Treasure Story

Steve takes a train to Mexico in pursuit of killers who have discovered the whereabouts of Hapsburg art treasures stolen by the Nazis.

The Parachute Story

Steve parachutes into an Eastern European country to search for a confession that will exonerate the country's leader of false charges of being a spy for the U.S.

The Paris Sewer Story

Steve must travel though the famous sewers of Paris to rescue a colleague whose identity was discovered after he infiltrated a European spy ring.

The Atomic Mine Story

An land mine is stolen from a U.S. atomic testing lab in the Nevada desert. Steve hops on the next train out of the nearest town, believing the thief is escaping on board the Snowbird, the only transportation out of the area. What the robber and the other passengers don't realize is that the mine is armed and set to automatically explode in just a few hours.

The Bodyguard Story

In Paris, Steve must protect a young French woman who witnessed a political assassination.