Highlights the personal and professional lives of a group of doctors and surgeons headed by Dr. Konrad Styner. One of the first medical shows on TV that paid strict attention to detail, and heralded at the time for its sometimes unflinching look at the operations and medical procedures performed by doctors.

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My Brother Joe

A ten-year-old boy is in a coma after an auto accident, and a neurosurgeon and other specialists try to ascertain the extent of damage to the boy's brain. Meanwhile, the child's family tries to deal with the possibility of their child not coming through the operation, and also with the guilt and anger they feel over the accident.

The Wild Intruder

With only a week to go before her wedding, a young woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, and must undergo an operation at once. A medical team must deal with both her physical problems and her fragile mental state at the same time.

Flash of Darkness

This "what-if" episode imagines what would happen in the event of a nuclear strike on Los Angeles. Dr. Styner and his colleagues are at a warehouse outside the city for a training session, but must try to make their way back to the devastated city after the nuclear attack. Along the way they try to treat and save as many injured and radiation-poisoned patients as they can with what little medicine they have and are forced by circumstances to decide which patients can be saved--and which ones they'll have to let die.

Dr Impossible

In 1884, pioneering surgeon Dr. William Stewart Halstead finds that he and three colleagues are slowly but surely becoming seriously addicted to the cocaine that they have been using in anesthetic self-experiments.

Break Through The Bars

A quiet, sedate, middle-aged bank cashier suddenly begins to exhibit strange and disturbing behavior. After a thorough examination, a medical team decides that his problem can best be treated by electroshock therapy.

Till The Song is Done Till The Dance is Gone

This is the story of a young girl named Mary. She has a weak heart due to a defective heart valve. Doctors race to operate on her after she collapses at a dance she attended with her classmates.