My Little Margie

Set in New York City, the series stars Gale Storm as 21-year-old Margie Albright and former silent film star Charles Farrell as her widowed father, 50-year-old Vern Albright. They share an apartment at the Carlton Arms Hotel. Vern Albright is the vice-president of the investment firm of Honeywell and Todd, where his bosses are George Honeywell (Clarence Kolb) and Todd (George Meader).

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Corpus Delecti

Freddie has a new job working for a private eye and when he and Margie find a murderer's diary in an old trunk they decide to investigate. The trail ends up leading them to one of Vern's clients.

The Hawaii Story

When a client of Vern's prefers younger men, Margie has to pretend she is 12 years old.

The Unexpected Guest

When Mr. Honeywell lends the Albright's apartment to a client and then Margie and Vern return unexpectedly, they are forced into pretending they are the maid and butler.

Operation Rescue

Margie tries to help Vern get out of a romance by pretending the family is insane. The only problem is, she mistakes a woman client for the girlfriend and endangers Vern's business deal.

Star of Khyber

When Margie learns a maharajah is visting America she's determined to meet him. She enlists Freddie's help in schemes that involve a laundry basket and becoming a harem girl that does the Charleston.

Meet Mr Murphy

A chimp named Mr. Murphy takes over the Albright household.

Margie and the Shah

Despite Vern's objections, Margie is determined to meet Vern's old fraternity brother, the Shah of Zena...even if it means sneaking into his hotel room.

What's Cooking?

Freddie has a prospective job selling pots and pans which also involves fixing a meal for the customer. But when Albright brings a client home it's turns out he owns the primary competition of Freddie's employer.

Margie's Millionth Member

Margie forces Vern to eat "Boomies" cereal so the next-door-neighbor boy can win a prize. Vern is concerned because his company represents a rival product. The situation comes to a head just before Margie and Vern are scheduled to appear on a live children's program sponsored by "Boomies" cereal.

Margie Babysits

When Margie's father agrees to babysit a client's grandson, Margie warns him he's asking for trouble. But trouble is only starting. Before the night is over, the whole town seems to be upset.

Honeyboy Honeywell

Margie is convinced that Mr Honeywell would be a better boss if he were married.

Vern's Mother in Law

Vern tells the story of how he married Margie's mother and was hired by Honeywell & Todd.

Papa and Mambo

Vern wagers his future with the company against Mr. Honeywell's job as president, in a competition to sign an important client.

Miss Whoozis

Margie takes a modeling job, and she tries to keep it a secret from her father. She develops a crush on the photographer, but he doesn't even know her name.