Adventures of Robin Hood

A long-running series of adventures featuring Robin of Loxley - Robin Hood - and his group of Sherwood-Forest-based freedom fighters. Robin and his men protected England from the evil machinations of Prince John while good King Richard was away at the Crusades.

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A Village Wooing

Robin tries to help Wat Longfellow, who became an outlaw to escape a life of indentured servitude

A Year and a Day

Robin comes to the aid of a surgeon who is a bound serf. He is one day short of reaching a year and a day that means he would be now a free man.


A man overhears an important conversation between Robin and Marion. Rather than turn them into the Sheriff of Nottingham, he tries to blackmail Robin.

Food for Thought

A delegation of villagers from Upper Minton come to Robin's camp and tell him of an oppressive new tax--the third that year--imposed on them by the greedy Count Olivier. This tax is certain to empty their food stores and cause a terrible famine in the area if Robin can't do something about it.


A girlhood friend of Marian's, Avice, now the wife of Prince John, calls on Marian to ask to enlist Robin's help: her husband is planning to divorce her so that he can marry Isabella, a French princess, thus getting the support of France. Robin's dilemma - can the woman be trusted?.

Outlaw Money

The Mayor of the Mint is in danger when the sheriff suspects him of being in league with Robin. The situation becomes drastic when Robin approaches the man for help in aiding over taxed villagers.