The Range Rider

Jock Mahoney, later star of CBS's Yancy Derringer, played the title character in seventy-nine black-and-white half-hour episodes, along with partner Dick West, played by Dick Jones, later star of the syndicated series Buffalo Bill, Jr. The character had no name other than Range Rider. His reputation for fairness, fighting ability, and accuracy with his guns was known far and wide, even by Indians. Mahoney towered over Jones, conveying the idea that Dick West was a youth rather than a full-grown adult.

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The Black Terror

Saga of Silver Town

A corrupt sheriff's gang seizes every shipment of a silver-jeweler.

Border City Affair

The Range Rider and Dick West are framed for the murder of Border City's sheriff. With the help of the sheriff's niece, the pair learn that the town's banker arranged for his own bank to be robbed to cover his embezzlement.

Rustler's Range

An unconscious little girl leads to a deadly horse-rustling gang.

Two Fisted Justice

The head of the railroad employs company police to evict ranchers.