The Star and the Story

This drama anthology series was produced by Four Star Productions. Each installment was a stand-alone episode with new casts and unique stories.

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Dark Stranger

A writer's fiction becomes terrifying reality, sucking him into his own novel being played out. Ray Ericson writes of a lovely woman who leaves her steady boyfriend for a man out to kill her. Suddenly he realizes life is imitating art: he is in the killer role! How can the novelist prevent destroying the woman he's come to love?

The Lie

As a young girl, Laura's lie put a man in prison for twenty years, and now, years later, she wants to make up for it with the man she lied about, but he wants revenge.

Payment in Kind

Detective Tom Preston's wife, Aimie, is in the hospital and needs the individual talents of her skilled surgeon, Dr. Linden. The doctor, on the eve of Aimie's surgery, tells Preston that he must turn himself in for the murder of a young woman. Preston is shocked and refuses to believe the doctor

Hand to Hand

An aging, former great toreador has relented to his agent's idea of having him go mano a mano against his younger brother in the bullfight arena. The younger brother has always been awed by his senior's talent and dreams of glory in the bull ring. But the older brother is now jealous and demeaning, partly out of concern for his brother's safety, but also because his rising talent will eclipse his own.