The Space Age

04 Oct 1957 -- 31 Dec 1969

On 4 October 1957, history entered a new age with the launch of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1. This achievement was followed by a rapid increase in space technology, leading to the development of communication and observation satellites, manned and unmanned spaceflight and interplanetary and interstellar probes.




John Glenn Flight  (20 Feb 1962)

This short clip includes coverage of the historic flight of John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth.

Apollo Fire  (27 Jan 1967)

Coverage of the fire on the Apollo launchpad that killed three astronauts in January 1967.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing  (20 Jul 1969)

CBS Radio coverage of the Apollo 11 moon landing on 20 July 1969.

Apollo 12 Landing  (19 Nov 1969)

This is the ABC Radio coverage of the Apollo 12 lunar landing in November 1969.


New Moon  (1957)

This newsreel clip announces the launch of the Soviet Sputnik, the first artificial satellite launched into Earth orbit.

Space Triumph  (1960)

Discoverer XIII capsule recovered 333 miles from Hawaii, 50-star flag taken from capsule and given to President Eisenhower. Echo I satellite launched by Delta rocket from Cape Canaveral the next day, relayed telephone call west coast.

The Big Bounce  (1960)

The story of the Echo communications satellite project, and how scientists learned to bounce a radio signal off a big balloon.

Apollo 11: The Eagle Has Landed  (1969)

Through television, motion picture and still photography, this film provides an eye-witness perspective of the Apollo 11 mission that put a human on the moon in July 1969.